RALEIGH, N.C. — Feb. 2, 2021 — Capital Associated Industries (of Raleigh) and The Employers Association (of Charlotte) have merged to form a new, more powerful entity that partners with and serves more than 2,300 employers across North Carolina and beyond.

The merger brings together experienced, knowledgeable experts in HR and employer resources with enhanced service offerings for members, increased expertise and a much larger arsenal of benefits and services to help members address their biggest challenges and to create exceptional workplaces.

The newly merged company has rebranded as Catapult, paying homage to the legacies of both organizations, – founded in the late 1950’s and early 1960’s, while effectively capturing its momentum forward and longtime commitment to providing members the support needed to ensure their businesses and employees are able to thrive. “This is going to be a powerful organization,” said Kenny Colbert, former CEO of The Employers Association and Co-CEO of Catapult. “We now have a truly statewide presence that allows us to leverage partnerships, information and data across the entire state on behalf of our members, so that we can represent and help them in a different kind of way.”

“We are never going back to where we were as employees or employers, said Bruce Clarke, former CEO of Capital Associated Industries and Co-CEO of Catapult. “I believe our role is helping employers figure out how they adapt, how they rise to the occasion and find that balance between being efficient and effective.”

Catapult members will benefit from new and enhanced services and offerings across three core components of the member portfolio: Compliance, Community Connections and Competitive Insights. This includes unlimited and easy access to seasoned HR advisors and lawyers, expanded national, regional and state-level competitive data and a statewide network of industry peers.

“The connections we’ve been able to foster among our members through our peer-to-peer network have proven invaluable,” said Molly Hegeman, Catapult’s Chief Strategy Officer. “They are the cornerstone on which we’ve developed many of our new services within the member portfolio.”

Other highlights of the new services and enhancements from Catapult include:

  • Expanded and unlimited legal advice from qualified employment attorneys
  • Unlimited, 24/7 access to seasoned HR advisors via online chat and the phone
  • mobile app, connecting members directly to benefits information, advisors, company news and a calendar of training courses and events
  • A dedicated Membership Navigator available to take a deep dive into specific issues or areas of concern and offer tailored business solutions
  • Four all new Quarterly Roundtables, including Diversity Equity and Inclusion
  • Additional Monthly Roundtables in each of the four cohorts: HR Teams of One, Senior HR, Young Professionals/Emerging Leaders and Recruiting Professionals
  • Annual Competitive Insights

Members will also continue to receive expert advice and insights through the weekly “Answers at 8” and “Thinking Differently” virtual sessions/webinars which launched last Spring at the onset of the Coronavirus pandemic to help employers navigate the rapidly changing work environment and stay a step ahead.

“One of our key differentiators is we have experts across the state, serving others, who are do business in the state,” added Colbert. “Our advisors are here, with boots on the ground – not scattered across the country in California or New York. We’re known for our personal touch and we’re committed to keeping it at our core as we grow.”.

To learn more about Catapult visit our website www.letscatapult.com.

ABOUT Catapult 

Catapult™ is a trusted membership association founded on the drive, purpose and mission to serve North Carolina employers and create vital, successful workplaces. We form long-term relationships by delivering unbiased intelligence, business advice, learning solutions and customized business services. Built on trust, credibility and proven confidence, we serve and advocate for more than 2,300 employers statewide, and beyond.