SAN FRANCISCO — Sept. 21, 2021 — As the pandemic continues, businesses are faced with an ongoing challenge that shows no signs of stopping — how to recruit and retain the best talent. 15Five, the leading human-centered performance management platform, today announced Career Hub, a strengths-driven approach to people development. It reimagines the traditional career ladder as an agent to drive employee engagement, growth and retention.

Career Hub helps HR leaders take action on foundational practices, including more effective, strengths-based onboarding; the improvement of performance management and engagement via role clarity — defining responsibilities and competencies; and improving the ability to transform the traditional career path by giving employees the tools to discover and express what they want.

This new career growth product is a vital component to 15Five’s complete performance management solution, which fosters high engagement and performance via features like engagement surveys, continuous feedback solutions, performance reviews, and Objectives and Key Results. Unlike other products in this arena, Career Hub uses the latest in positive psychology research (the science of thriving), which drives its strengths-based approach to offer a unique formula for career growth. This includes strengths discovery, employee-driven career planning and job crafting, exploring meaningful work, and giving employees the tools to collaborate with their managers to plan the career trajectory they want, instead of the path they think they should follow. The end result is that employees are no longer disengaged, but instead feel highly energized and inspired.

“Modern employees are looking for more than a paycheck. They’re seeking to contribute their skills and talents to a company that supports their personal and professional development,” said David Hassell, 15Five co-founder and CEO. “The traditional career ladder is not enough. Organizations must also provide the tools for employees to gain self-awareness and ownership of their careers and growth paths, and to help them align their strengths with the company’s business objectives. HR leaders can play an important role in incorporating this type of professional development into the employee experience to help alleviate the dual challenges of recruiting and retaining talent in today’s business environment.”

15Five’s recent third-party survey underscores just how important professional development is to job candidates and current employees. Over 60% of respondents consider an employer’s professional development program when accepting a job. Nearly half of Americans say that clear career growth and learning and development provided by an employer are among the most important factors for determining whether they remain at a company.

Productivity is highly correlated to work that energizes, which is why 15Five incorporated tools in Career Hub to help employees determine the level of energy derived from each of their core responsibilities. The survey confirms that 95% of employees are more productive when they work on things that they find interesting or energizing, while more that three-quarters (75.9%) admit they work harder for an employer who cares about their professional growth.

At the core of Career Hub is Positive Product Design™, a proprietary approach to product innovation developed by 15Five’s director of people science, Courtney Bigony. This approach promotes a deeper understanding of human needs and how to meet them. Career Hub extends beyond traditional performance management software, aligning with the tenets of positive psychology to ensure that employees’ strengths and sense of purpose are woven into their career paths. “Using the Positive Product Design method, we combine the leveraged impact of technology with the latest science of thriving to guide teams from self-discovery to self-actualization at scale,” said Bigony.

Career Hub also gives managers the tools and transparency they need to help their team members focus on enriching work and achieving their growth goals. “The goal is to create a win-win between employee and employer by helping people understand what makes them come alive so they can channel that towards the company mission and vision,” said Bigony.

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