WASHINGTON — March 1, 2023 — ChurnZero, the platform and partner for Customer Success, has partnered with Northpass, the leading digital customer education platform, to enable Customer Success (CS) teams to seamlessly manage and own customer education. In the first true industry partnership between a Customer Success platform and learning management system, ChurnZero will offer the Northpass learning platform as part of its product platform. CS teams can now create impactful, scalable learning experiences in Northpass while using ChurnZero to segment, automate and drive course enrollment, giving every customer a tailored learning experience that leads them to value faster.

The partnership and platform integration answers the need for a streamlined way to create, manage, and optimize customer education as part of the customer lifecycle. Instead of piecemealing customer education through trainings, documents, emails, and in-app messages, ChurnZero users can create libraries of interactive, training content on the intuitive Northpass platform, customized for different learning styles and environments, with the option for customers to self-select individual trainings or learn through curated courses.

Within the ChurnZero platform, CS teams can provision customer contacts as Northpass learners, using segmentation to determine each customer’s courses based on their role and lifecycle stage. CS teams can automate Northpass course enrollment with ChurnZero behavioral and usage data, guide customers through their courses with automated steps, and measure learners’ success in their ChurnZero dashboard to optimize their training content. Further data integrations between ChurnZero and Northpass, enabling an even more seamless experience for CS teams and their customers, are planned for 2023.

“Customer education is a critical part of the customer journey and should be managed by Customer Success teams, who have a deep understanding of their customers’ learning and training needs,” says Allison Tiscornia, chief customer officer, ChurnZero. “We’re excited to partner with Northpass, an industry leader in delivering intuitive, curated learning experiences, to enable Customer Success teams to own and seamlessly manage the customer education experience.”

“Every customer success team wants to elevate the customer experience and scale operations,” said Steve Cornwell, founder and CEO of Northpass. “The ChurnZero-Northpass partnership enables both outcomes. Customer success teams can automatically equip customers with modern digital education experiences, resulting in more effective training reaching far more customers. Additionally, this integration frees customer success managers from routine training tasks so they can focus on driving higher renewals and more expansion opportunities.”

About ChurnZero

ChurnZero is a recognized leader in Customer Success dedicated to helping subscription businesses succeed at scale. The company is known for its powerful, intuitive Customer Success platform and ongoing partnership with its customers to ensure they get everything they need to improve efficiency, increase revenue, and deliver the best possible customer experiences.

Through the platform, Customer Success teams can spot potential churn risks early and identify renewal and expansion opportunities. Best-in-class automation and in-app communication make it easy to engage with customers and lead them to value.

As Customer Success professionals serving Customer Success professionals, the ChurnZero team prides itself on being trusted partners, consultants, and coaches, so customers can focus on the work that matters to grow their businesses.