“I’ve long respected Workforce Insight’s global leadership in the workforce optimization and analytics space,” said Maher El-Abdallah, President of Align HCM. “Amid the exciting Kronos and Ultimate Software merger, we couldn’t be more thrilled to be combining our deep UltiPro™ practice with Workforce Insight’s world-leading Kronos Services practice to bring the most holistic range of solutions to our clients.”

Workforce Insight has been a certified Kronos Services Partner for 14 years, delivering WFM and HCM advisory, analytics, and implementation services to organizations across the globe with focus on healthcare, manufacturing, retail, business and consumer services sectors.

Align HCM is a certified Ultimate Software services partner and HCM consulting firm recognized for leadership success in the implementation, optimization and adoption of UltiPro™ solutions for clients across the globe.

“I’ve enjoyed working with Maher for more than 12 years and have always been impressed by his focus on delivering superior quality and excellence, and his unwavering commitment to driving value,” said Don Giffels, Chief Strategy Officer with Workforce Insight. “We’re looking forward to bringing innovative, end-to-end solutions that help our clients improve the way they align their workforce with the ever-changing demands of their business.”

About Workforce Insight

Workforce Insight is a world leader in workforce optimization, delivering workforce management (WFM) and human capital management (HCM) advisory, analytics and technology services. As the leading trusted advisor, we help clients evaluate, implement and adopt the optimal workforce strategy and technology to achieve and sustain workforce operational excellence and ongoing financial performance gains. Our services and solutions deliver unmatched value and results leveraging the best workforce and analytics talent and expertise across the industries we serve, including healthcare, manufacturing, retail, education and public sector. More information can be found at Workforce Insight.

About Align HCM

Align HCM is an expert consulting firm, offering end-to-end UltiPro™ services to enterprise clients globally. An Ultimate Software certified Implementation Partner, the firm specializes in comprehensive implementation and optimization services, as well as process redesign, training and support services. Align HCM has been recognized for service excellence and outstanding client satisfaction and has enjoyed fast-paced growth resulting from ongoing client and partner referrals. More information can be found at Align HCM.