NASHVILLE, Tenn. — Dec. 10, 2020 — Teaming, a provider of business-team performance management software, announces the general availability of its platform, which has been in beta since February. In related news, Teaming has raised $1.7 million from various angel investors, several of whom invested in Teaming’s founders before.

Teaming, which was founded by former executives of LeanKit (acquired in 2017 by Plainview), is addressing a problem that plagues even the most successful companies: how to increase an employee’s engagement with their work, teammates and managers.

Numerous studies have shown that team productivity increases when team members feel a sense of shared purpose. For example, Gallup’s 2017 State of the Global Workforce report found that employees who felt a stronger sense of engagement to their companies generated 17% more productivity, 20% higher sales and 21% higher profitability. And yet, most companies struggle with how to increase engagement. A 2019 Deloitte study found that high-performing organizations of the future will operate as empowered networks coordinated through culture, technology and talent. 88% of participants said building the organization of the future is important, but only 11% said they knew how to build it.

“This data is consistent with my own experience,” said Mary Silva Doctor, Executive team consultant, Coach and formerly Principal Consultant at The Table Group, which focuses on organizational health. “When employees feel their personal and professional goals, values and work styles are being considered, they’re more efficient and effective.”

The Teaming Platform

Teaming is a cloud-based platform that provides team managers and team members with a 360-degree view of team goals and meeting outcomes, team health and team work styles. Unlike traditional performance management software, which focuses on the goals and accomplishments of the individual, Teaming is focused on team goals. Teaming keeps track of team decisions, action items and results, while offering customized tips and suggestions to help team managers enhance team connectedness and engagement.

Following are the Teaming platform’s primary features:

  • Goals and Key Results: Team goals and key results are measured and kept visual for all team members, so everyone knows how to set work priorities. Individual career goals and key results are tracked and kept visual too.
  • Team Meetings and 1-on 1s: Teaming is where all team meetings and 1-on-1s happen. Teammates can collaborate on agendas, automate recurring topics, take notes and stay on the same page with meeting outcome reports.
  • Decision & Action-Item Tracking: When meetings are managed in Teaming, users can track decision-making to ensure action-items never fall through the cracks with action-item reminders.
  • Team Health: Bring the team together to address the most important factors that determine team success – trust, productive conflict, commitment, accountability, goals, impact and meaning of work.
  • Work Styles: Bridge the gap between team member communication styles using the DISC assessment. Team work style’s highlight the natural strengths and potential blindspots of the team as a whole so teams can use them to their advantage.

“Project management software addresses productivity at a surface-level but employee engagement is the golden grail of productivity. It’s the difference between a good team and a great team,” said Tim Mulron, CEO of Teaming. “Our focus is on understanding the team dynamic, providing tools that help teammates and managers understand each other, and providing guidance to help managers maximize team potential. We think Teaming is a great step toward making business teams more cohesive and connected.”

Teaming is designed for teams and companies of all sizes and industries. It’s currently being used by product, sales, marketing and support teams in over a dozen companies.

“Teaming is solving real pains for me and my team,” said Danielle Condon, senior director of marketing at Built Technologies. “On a practical level, it’s helping us keep track of our meetings, team goals and commitments, so we’re all on the same page about our work and priorities. But on a higher level, Teaming is bringing us closer together, which is so needed right now. It’s a forum that allows us to support each other, continuously improve how we work cohesively as a team, and result we are a more effective team.”

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About Teaming

Teaming is a business-team performance management software company based in Nashville, Tennessee. The company’s platform is designed to enhance employee engagement and increase team productivity. More information can be found at