New York, NY – January 9, 2017 – UpRight, a first-of-its-kind smart wearable that trains people to have better posture, announced the results of its Corporate Wellness Initiative in partnership with Ernst & Young (E&Y) Israel.  By introducing healthy posture habits into the workplace through training with UpRight, findings show improved employee health, productivity, and mood.  After just a few weeks of consistent training with UpRight, 75% of E&Y Israel employees participating in the study experienced improved posture and decreased back pain. As a result of improved posture habits from training with UpRight, more than half of the participants felt more productive and alert while at work.

“The reality is that most business men and women spend eight to twelve hours a day sitting slouched over at their desks, which leads to back pain, decreased productivity, poor health, and missed work days,” says Oded Cohen, Founder and CEO of UpRight. “The results of our Corporate Wellness Initiative with E&Y clearly show that it is possible to change bad posture habits for the better in just a few weeks. By gradually and consistently training back and core muscles, UpRight helped participants build muscle memory to improve their posture.”

Additional findings from the case study include:

  • 85% of participants became more aware of their posture
  • 71% of participants felt more confident when they had good posture
  • 66% of participants experienced the stregnthening of core muscles
  • 50% of participants reported a difference in their posture in one to six sessions

As part of the initiative, the UpRight posture trainer was given to 31 employees at E&Y Israel along with a custom training program.  UpRight is a small wearable that attaches to the upper or lower back and employs advanced smart sensors to vibrate when the user slouches.  Employees connected their UpRight to the free mobile app (IOS and Android compatible), which then generated real-time feedback and a personalized training program for each participant.  Participants trained two to four times a week for six weeks starting out with just five minutes a day. They used UpRight while sitting at their desk, eating lunch, or attending a meeting. Throughout the initiative, employees were surveyed about the effects of using UpRight on back pain, productivity, and posture.

Nearly half of the adult labor force in America suffer from head, back or neck pain, which negatively impacts their enjoyment of life and ability to work. The estimated cost to U.S. employers from lost working days and reduced productivity for back pain alone is over $7 billion per year and over 70% of these costs come from exacerbation of existing problems. Fortunately, employers can foster cost-saving and life-saving behavioral changes by empowering their workforce with appropriate tools and training.  Employees benefit from being supported to prioritize their physical wellbeing and a healthier staff provides huge long-term financial benefits and immediate cost savings.

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About UpRight

The UpRight Trainer ( is a discrete wearable device that attaches to your back and trains people to improve posture. Every time the user slouches Upright gently vibrates reminding you to correct your posture. UPRIGHT is designed to be worn for short training sessions throughout the day (5 minutes to an hour a day) based on a personalized training program generated by the UpRight companion.