SAN FRANCISCO — Aug. 31, 2021 — Raydiant, the award-winning digital signage and in-location experience provider, announced its partnership today with Talkdesk®, Inc., the global customer experience leader for customer-obsessed companies. Talkdesk cloud contact center customers can now access Hoopla through the Talkdesk AppConnect marketplace, the customer experience solutions marketplace that connects contact centers with a wide variety of industry-leading applications, devices, and services. With Hoopla’s performance-driving platform, Talkdesk customers can easily utilize data to automatically run competitions that improve productivity. Hoopla helps increase employee engagement, providing the instant recognition and rewards employees crave.

Hoopla, a recent Raydiant acquisition, is a performance management and motivation platform that drives employees to do their best work — and have fun in the process. This automated system easily integrates Talkdesk data and other key metrics, transforming them into workplace contests that help workers meet personal KPIs and business goals. It allows companies to turn their office TVs into live leaderboards, tracking employee and team performance in real time. A cloud-based platform, Hoopla functionality and updates are also accessible for remote and hybrid teams via PC, mobile, email, Slack and Microsoft Teams. Performance is further incentivized by Hoopla’s rewards program, which lets employees earn points each time they win a competition or reach a milestone and redeem them for prizes from a virtual storefront.

Raydiant CEO, Bobby Marhamat, is confident that this partnership will add value to the Talkdesk AppConnect marketplace. “Hoopla by Raydiant is a game-changing tool for contact centers,” said Marhamat. “In this competitive talent marketplace, employees are reevaluating their jobs in terms of professional fulfillment. Companies can’t afford to ignore this need at a time where millions of workers are quitting their jobs to look for better opportunities. Hoopla’s motivational platform gives employees the ability to showcase their talents, grow their marketable skills and get celebrated for their successes. For contact centers, this means less turnover, a more engaged and goal-oriented workforce and the data accessibility needed to make informed business decisions.”

Robert Gavin, Talkdesk VP of Alliances, acknowledges the value added to Talkdesk AppConnect. “This partnership speaks to a Talkdesk core value, which is pursuing innovative, creative ways to help our customers thrive and grow. Hoopla’s gamification capabilities further expand the Talkdesk AppConnect offerings and provide businesses with a compelling tool for engaging contact center agents in ways that not only make them more engaged and productive, but motivate them to deliver the best customer experiences possible.”

Hoopla by Raydiant is now available to Talkdesk customers via the AppConnect marketplace. It is also available to Raydiant customers via their Employee Experience Management Platform, and can be accessed from the Raydiant dashboard. To learn more, visit

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