Dallas – April 1, 2019 – Performance Scoring’s Performance Management Application gives businesses objective performance data on each organizational unit down to individual employees. In the newly released version, Performance Scoring brings added reporting features and customization to its intuitive user interface, making high-performance coaching more effective. “We are excited to release the much-anticipated Version 3, Campbell, of Performance Scoring’s Performance Management System,” says founder Anthony Piccolo. “The new features will allow our clients to maintain their performance growth as high-performance companies well into the future.”

The first of the new reporting features takes an organization’s organizational chart, an administrative tool showing company hierarchy, and redevelops it as a performance management tool. Performance Scoring’s Dynamic Performance Org Chart includes real-time performance data to identify where coaching is needed at a glance. Furthermore, the Performance Org Chart is color-coded by high, medium, and low performance, easily adaptable to even the largest organizations. Use the color-coded Performance Org Chart to identify and engage low performance. The next new reporting feature is Performance Scoring’s Usage Report that will provide data on employee engagement and participation. The Usage Report will measure how often an organizational unit – individual employees, vendors, departments & teams – are logging in, participating and engaging in the performance management process. There is a direct correlation between employee engagement and effective performance management, and with this update there is now data to drive this.

The Usage Report is one new feature to measure engagement, and when coupled with the new Push Notification feature employee engagement and participation are maximized. Performance Scoring now sends automated email updates of performance data to each user within an organization. Automated communication of performance data will keep continuous feedback, continuous check-ins, and continuous coaching integral to the performance management process. Keeping accountability and transparency at the core of performance management builds employee ownership and confidence in their development and performance.

All of Performance Scoring’s existing reporting features have received updates to make accessing objective employee performance data even easier. Now when viewing quantified performance data, a user can select the performance score and be forwarded to a display of the Factors that contributed to their respective score. This update stretches Performance Scoring’s Drill Down Reporting features even further. Now, view company-wide performance levels in real-time and in three clicks drill down past individual employee performance into the Factors affecting the performance. “With the updates to Performance Scoring’s clear reporting system, high-performance coaching and continuous coaching are second nature,” Piccolo says.

Version 3, Campbell, also provides updates to Performance Scoring’s customization features that enable a company to control their performance management process. The founding principle of Performance Scoring is to give organizations the ability to measure only what they know drives success in each unique company role. Customers of Performance Scoring now can manage their ScoreCard Categories in real-time. In addition, an organization can now manage the ScoreCards that users can score other users in and the ScoreCards that users can be scored in. This added level of customization will keep accountability and transparency paramount to the performance management process.

Performance Scoring is excited to release Version 3, Campbell, of its standalone Performance Management Platform to the public. This release comes with the addition of Performance Scoring’s monthly “Lite” package, which at only $5/user will enable a company to begin effective performance management by capturing the objective data critical to driving greater success. Performance Management Implementation Experts have shortened the on-boarding process to only minutes. Effective performance management and organizational development is only minutes away with Performance Scoring’s Performance Management System.