New York – May 2, 2019 – Hibob, the transformative HR tech platform that helps high-growth companies to grow their employees and develop their culture, is now offering a full integration with Slack to revolutionize workplace experiences for the flow of work. Hibob’s platform bob gives team leaders the tools they need to better manage their employees, and folds HR functions into workers’ everyday projects and communications for a better, more intuitive experience.

With Millennial and Gen Z employees as their target audiences, Hibob and Slack have a shared focus on creating technologies that fit the new world of work. This integration not only increases productivity and fosters collaboration across team members – whether they are from different office locations, teams or generations – but it also feeds into Josh Bersin’s larger flow of work concept, where HR is seen as “a work-related improvement, not a work interruption.” By bringing everything together in one place, ranging from project collaborations, office announcements, PTO requests, and corporate culture initiatives, Hibob and Slack are consumerizing the work experience to address the needs of the modern workplace.

After quick and widespread adoption, Slack revolutionized the work experience for today’s employees, and with a year-over-year growth rate of 460%, and Hibob is poised to follow in Slack’s footsteps and become a sought-after solution for small and medium-sized businesses.

“Hibob has seen exponential growth since our launch, and we have a keen understanding of exactly what other fast-growing companies need as they scale and develop their teams,” said Ronni Zehavi, CEO of Hibob. “We’re excited to be working with a like-minded company to give workers around the world the experiences they deserve, and furthering the integration with Slack is exciting as it helps us to achieve our goal of helping fast-growing companies grow their employees as fast as they expand their teams.”

Through bob, Slack’s daily digest functionality creates a custom summary of relevant events and updates, alerts users of office news and new team members, and streamlines HR processes like requesting time off. Not only does the tool keep employees connected and aware, but it also grows with high-growth companies, allowing for easier decision making, action taking and seamless scaling. This integration underscores Hibob’s commitment to creating the best work experience for modern employees.

Hibob was founded in late 2015 and with $45 million raised in funding to date, the company works with hundreds of customers around the world such as Monzo, Etoro, Happy Socks, Ironsource, Receipt Bank, Fiverr. Hibob has offices Tel Aviv, London and New York with 130 talented employees, and is continuing to grow. For more information, please visit

About Hibob

Hibob, the company behind the transformative platform bob, which brings together employees and managers to help them communicate and collaborate more effectively, is dedicated to helping businesses grow their people. Founded in 2015, Hibob understands that as younger generations begin to dominate the workforce, they are creating demand for a new way to manage people for the future of the workplace. bob enables fast-growing companies to attract, excite, retain and develop their most valuable asset, their people, through data-driven tools. With offices in New York, London and Tel Aviv, Hibob helps hundreds of businesses around the world grow their people.