LOS ALTOS, Calif. — July 21, 2020 — SutiSoft Inc., a leading provider of cloud-based and mobile business management solutions, today announces updates to the Performance and Goal management modules of SutiHR, its online HR management platform. The new features help companies implement a continuous performance management process through pairing business objectives and key results with essential conversations, feedback, and recognition that align, motivate, and develop the workforce. The advanced goal setting features of the solution will make sure employees are reviewing goal progress regularly.

Performance Management Module
Set Time Slots for Review Meetings: When scheduling an in-person review meeting, managers can create multiple time slots and send for employees to confirm availability. Employees can view the time slots through the Self Service Dashboard and confirm availability.

Reject Reviews during Review Meeting: When creating a performance review, the HR administrators can set whether the employee can reject the review during the in-person review meeting. Employees can accept or reject a review when submitting the in-person review meeting feedback.

Review Status: The solution makes it easy for HR administrators to view the status of a review in the review process.

Custom Select Assessors: When creating a performance schedule for a business unit, HR administrators can select managers of their choice as the assessors for the review. HR Administrators can also choose managers from other departments as assessors. This makes the performance evaluation process more effective, where employees are working on multiple projects across the company.

Import Reviews: HR administrators can import performance reviews for a group of employees into the solution. Also, HR Administrators/Managers can manually import the reviews of an employee through the Employee Profile.

Download Performance Review Details: The solution allows HR administrators to quickly download and view an employee’s performance review details.

Goal Management Module
Goal Creation Wizard: Quickly navigate from one stage to another in the goal creation process. This makes it easy for the users to move from ‘Create to Add KPIs/Set Metrics to Finish’ or vice versa when creating a new goal or updating an existing one.

Updating Tasks Made Simple: Tasks that are added to a goal and assigned to an employee are shown in the ‘I need to review’ section on Self Service Dashboard. Employees can update the task progress directly from here. Once the task is completed, the task will be added to the list of goal management tasks in the ‘My HR’ module.

Goal Progress Review Meetings: The goal progress review meetings that have been scheduled for an employee and manager are displayed in the ‘I need to review’ section on Self Service Dashboard. The solution triggers an email to both when a meeting is scheduled.

Assign Goals Based on Department: When creating a new goal, HR administrators can search for a specific department and assign the goal to an employee of that department.

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