Knoxville, TN and Seattle – June 18, 2019 – Many companies stink at feedback. And that’s holding them back. Why? Because an organization is only as good as its people—and without good feedback, your people can’t learn and grow. M. Tamra Chandler, founder of the thriving consultancy PeopleFirm, and co-author Laura Dowling Grealish tell us we can take the sting out of feedback and make it what it should be: a positive and healthy experience for the Extender, Receiver, and Seeker, and a powerful means of improving individuals and their teams.

In this game-changing book, Feedback (and Other Dirty Words): Why We Fear It, How to Fix It, published by Berrett-Koehler and out today, Tamra and Laura write, “We need to take a collective approach to solving the problem of feedback once and for all. To create organizational cultures that encourage people and teams to thrive, grow, and do their best work in an environment that feels safe, we need to tame this beast. And if it’s getting in the way for nearly all of us, then we absolutely must tackle it together.”

In Feedback…, Tamra and Laura lace eye-opening research with healthy doses of humor to explain how feedback got such a bad rap and how we can fix it. The authors leverage their years of consulting experience to provide a slew of practical exercises and strategies to change how we view and experience feedback, including the crucial “Three Fs:”

  • Fairness: If relationships are tainted with a perceived lack of fairness, then feedback simply won’t work.
  • Focus: Make feedback specific, targeted, and brief.
  • Frequency: Checking in often allows those who are receiving feedback to know that you find their work important and notable.

Tamra and Laura truly believe that feedback can change the world by opening people’s lives to learning, growth, connection, and authenticity. They provide passionate and lively interviews, discussing topics like:

  • How to provide good feedback
  • Why we fear feedback and how we can take control of that fear
  • What we can do to become better Seekers, Extenders, and Receivers of feedback

Feedback… has already received rave reviews:

“What do successful leaders and organizations have in common? A culture where feedback is welcomed and not feared and trust sits at the center. Feedback (and other Dirty Words) shows you how to get there. Both witty and enlightening! Read this…’ll be entertained as much as you are informed.” – Christopher J. Cowan, M.Ed., FABC, Senior Vice President Human Resources at Christiana Care Health System

“This quick read highlights real benefits that can follow strong feedback practices while simultaneously helping to remove the stigma associated with giving and receiving feedback — important topics for leaders.” – Roy Bivens, Author, Experiencing Improvement (The story of continuous improvement at Cleveland Clinic), Managing Partner, Orion Advisory; CEO, Diamond Orthopedic

“Looking for a way to grow a healthy, growth-minded, and collaborative culture?  Read this book!”
Marshall Goldsmith, Multi-million selling author or editor of 39 books, including Triggers and What Got You Here Won’t Get You There.

Find out more about Tamra and Laura here.  Their press kit can be found here.

About the authors:

M. Tamra Chandler and Laura Dowling Grealish are colleagues at PeopleFirm and authors of Feedback (and Other Dirty Words): Why We Fear It, How to Fix It, published by Berrett-Koehler and due out June 18.

Tamra is founder and CEO of PeopleFirm and author of the bestselling How Performance Management is Killing Performance and What to do About It. A globally recognized thought leader, Tamra has twice been named one of the “Top 25” consultants in the United States by Consulting magazine.

Laura is a lead consultant at PeopleFirm, known for bringing passion and conviction to optimizing human potential by bringing the human back to the workplace.

PeopleFirm was founded with the idea of creating a different kind of consulting firm, one focused exclusively on people and grounded in our collective experience in transforming work. PeopleFirm helps clients deliver the ultimate win-win—inspired people driving inspiring performance—and is consistently recognized as one of America’s best management consultancies.