Cambridge, MA – November 7, 2019 – Money Experience, the company known for providing innovative financial literacy products and curriculum used to teach Gen Z about the relationship between money and quality of life, today announced a new product designed for individuals already in the workforce. The new program, Money Experience Pro, is designed to give Millennial and Gen X users the knowledge needed to navigate the considerable and often complex financial situations they may face as they advance in age and their careers.

Money Experience Pro is offered in professional settings as an employee benefit and is available in three different packages, allowing it to be implemented as a facilitated professional development workshop, one-to-one coaching or mentoring sessions, or as a self-paced online resource. It is also provided as a client or community benefit by financial institutions dedicated to improving financial wellness at both the local and national scale.

All three implementation methods revolve around Money Experience’s unique life simulator and its underlying financial model, which uses real-life data to calculate the whole life arc of a person’s financial decisions. Combining the life simulator with an engaging graphic novel, Money Experience Pro emphasizes personal priorities and quality of life to help users gain perspective on how financial choices may impact their future selves.

“Being educated about personal finance is important, and that learning doesn’t have to stop when you leave the classroom,” said Jeet Singh, Co-Founder and CEO at Money Experience. “What’s critical is not waiting until it’s too late to educate yourself about making decisions that can impact your long-term financial well-being.”

In the simulator, users create their starting profile and then make lifestyle decisions that include how much they want to travel, their plans for starting or expanding their family, and whether or not they will return to college or pursue an advanced degree. They’ll also be exposed to more challenging life situations such as divorce, senior fraud, and aging with dignity. As they progress through the simulator, every decision they make will impact their final report, helping them to understand the connection between their day-to-day decisions in real life and their long-term priorities and goals.

With external financial pressures frequently cited as a source of workforce stress, companies incorporating Money Experience into their financial wellness programs can build trust and long-term relationships with employees by helping to address topics like spouse/partner employment, childcare, and caring for elderly relatives.

“One of the exciting benefits of Money Experience Pro for the companies or financial institutions themselves is the opportunity to better know their users. In the admin portal, Money Experience clients have access to aggregate reports that illustrate trends in priorities, family planning, career changes, and much more,” says Singh. “For those businesses struggling to engage and maintain the younger generations in their workforce or client base, getting access to this data and understanding what’s important to those generations is key to their long-term survival.”

About Money Experience
Part of the family of companies founded by noted Boston tech entrepreneurs Jeet Singh and Joe Chung, Money Experience is an educational technology company addressing the need for personal finance education among young people and adults. Money Experience is headquartered at One Kendall Square, Cambridge, Massachusetts.