Las Vegas – January 7, 2019 – Klaxoon, the global champion of cloud-based teamwork solutions, today unveiled the latest version of its sophisticated SaaS platform of tools that improve any type of meeting and team collaboration.

Klaxoon 3: The Meeting Revolution

Klaxoon is revolutionizing the way organizations harness the power of their teams with solutions designed to make meetings more efficient and work practices more collaborative. From increasing engagement, facilitating better and faster decisions, improving information retention, and encouraging creativity, Klaxoon is currently being used by millions of users in more than 120 countries.

Its multi-awarded range of tools and applications have been designed to enhance any type of meeting and include features such as votes; gamified challenges; quizzes; visualization tools such as word clouds, surveys and information capsules; and brainstorm functions that ignite creativity and organize results. Following years of development and collaboration with some of the world’s most recognized companies, Klaxoon 3 brings new levels of interaction and functionality to the platform.

It all begins with a question

Questions is the simplest, fastest and most efficient tool to ask questions in a stimulating way within a team.

With Questions, Klaxoon will make these interactions part of daily collaborations. Users are able to easily ask open questions, create polls, send challenges, gather votes and evaluate responses. Questions may be posed to team members within Klaxoon or shared globally with anyone via text message, email or social networks, whether they are Klaxoon users or not.

Questions offers dozens of ways to benefit from collective intelligence in a simple and visual manner. Easy to use, Questions combines spontaneity as well as in-depth analysis of the answers.

“From the small child to managers, from a team of two to a cast of thousands, asking and answering questions is how we learn, gather information and understand and even change the world around us,” said Matthieu Beucher, CEO of Klaxoon. “A question is an invitation to think together. Answering a question engages us, mobilizes our experiences and ignites our creativity. With Klaxoon, we have created a dynamic platform that leverages technology to allow us to ask, answer and then apply the learnings from questions in ways that enhances our collective productivity.”

Brainstorms with Brains – The most powerful brainstorming tool on the market

The Klaxoon brainstorm capability is an unlimited canvas with a simple digital whiteboard interface. Using a creative sticky-note framework, it provides endless opportunities to share ideas. Users can participate from their own devices and contribute to the discussion by sending text, images, videos and thoughts to the board. Suggestions can then be ranked, categorized or assigned as ongoing actions.

From ideation and problem solving to project management, the brainstorm functionality is a highly efficient way to organize, link and monitor the progress of multiple business functions. Its visual nature promotes more affect decision making and is perfect for remote working as people can contribute from anywhere in the world.

Klaxoon 3 has brought enhancements and AI intelligence to this functionality. New features include the ability for participants as wells as administrators to control the board, initiative mini- map view allowing for better navigation around the space and the ability to add even more dynamic content such as images, videos, and even music and Spotify links.

The Klaxoon brainstorm now comes with actual brains. To help collate and categorize information more effectively, Brainstorm will dynamically link ideas together which will stay connected as they move around the board and has a new interactive column format that allows ideas to be sorted more intuitively. Brainstorm is the most powerful tool to smartly visualize information and take decisions quicker. It is the world’s first brainstorming tool that offers three visualization modes: Board, for ideation and design thinking, Column, the Kanban mode for task management, and List to quickly sort ideas. It is the simplest and fastest tool that allows users to go from ideas to project management.

In addition, thanks to an upcoming connection with Microsoft Teams, Klaxoon unveils, Suggestions, a new function based on artificial intelligence that enriches Klaxoon’s Brainstorm with suggested actions towards third-party platforms. Ideas shared in Brainstorm are analyzed in real time to suggest actions: organize a meeting, change a process, create a task, etc. With Suggestions, you go from idea to action at the click of a button.

The Klaxoon App and Notifications

As part of its latest release, Klaxoon has for the first time launched a dedicated app for iOS and Android that provides access to its online platform, that provides access to its online platform, that was previously accessed with internet connected devices. Now, Klaxoon is always in your pocket, providing access to all of Klaxoon’s features and allowing users to receive notifications on a range of subjects, alerting to actions or updates from their team.

Klaxoon Notifications are delivered as push notifications within the app but can also be by received via text and email but are much more than simple alerts. Klaxoon Notifications are a highly efficient way to stay in touch with your team. They link back to the dedicated notification section of Klaxoon, were action items, updates and information can be viewed at a glance and intuitively categorized to form easy to follow workflows.


Available from $19 a month on a SaaS subscription model, the Klaxoon 3 goes live on January 8, 2019. Its offering consists of:

  • Klaxoon – A sophisticated online platform that is accessible from any connected device. It offers a range of tools and apps to manage, enhance and track a range of meeting activities from timekeeping and engagement to brainstorming and interactive training.
  • MeetingBoard – A state-of-the-art interactive whiteboard that provides larger-than life- access to the Klaxoon platform. It turns any environment into a meeting space.
  • Klaxoon Box – Bringing the power of Klaxoon in a self-contained environment. A closed Wi- Fi network for participants to connect to Klaxoon, it is used when internet is not available or the utmost security is required.

About Klaxoon

Headquartered in Rennes, France, with a U.S. office in New York, Klaxoon currently employs more than 200 people. In addition, it operates a showcase Klaxoon Store in the center of Paris. Founded by Matthieu Beucher, Klaxoon launched in March 2015, and today is used by thousands of teams across 120 countries. It has attracted users in all kind of organizations, small and middle-sized businesses, Universities, NGO and institutions as well as 90% of global actors listed on the CAC 40 stock-exchange index (Schneider, Disneyland, L’Oréal, Accenture, Nestlé, Sealed Air, Verizon, Marriott etc.). Klaxoon is one of the fastest growing companies in Europe.

Based on visual management techniques and Agile methods, Klaxoon tools have received numerous international awards. Klaxoon R&D teams work on an ongoing basis to build an efficient and comprehensive ecosystem, which fosters interaction and collective intelligence.

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