SAN DIEGO — Jan. 21, 2021 — Inspire Software, an integrated continuous performance management platform that creates leaders at all levels, today announced a new release of its software, introducing 360 feedback and expanded service anniversary recognition capabilities to its well-rounded performance management toolset, so leaders and employees get flexible performance management in the flow of work.

The way we work has changed. The software we use should change with it. In addition to 360 feedback and recognition, Inspire Software has added to and enhanced existing integrations so leaders and employees alike can develop their careers, gain insights, and give praise while continuing to work in the apps they already use. This coupled with the launch of a totally redesigned mobile experience makes sure that Inspire can truly be accessed from anywhere.

“With these new updates, our clients will be able to more easily develop leaders at all levels, allowing them to focus on the most strategic performance priorities,” said Chris Wollerman, Inspire Software founder and CEO. “Leadership is a two-way street — from executives providing guidance and employees ‘leading up’ — and our latest updates empower leadership at all levels of the organization.”

Inspire Software leadership believes Continuous Performance Management (CPM) paves the way for the future of workforce development. With CPM, leaders and employees establish benchmarks, track analytics, and keep communication about the motivation and progress through meaningful one-on-one conversations in real time, not just at the end of a quarter or during a performance review.

With version 5.3, organizations can run an integrated performance management strategy that directly ties into CPM performance processes. Visit for more information about its performance platform.

About Inspire Software

Inspire Software is designed to lead the way to new heights as you focus your people, your teams, and your organization on growth. Headquartered in San Diego, we’ve integrated a comprehensive suite of applications — performance, goals or OKRs, feedback, 1:1s, recognition, learning, and surveys — that go way beyond just managing performance. With Inspire, you create leaders at all levels. You align your people and their work with the strategy. As they execute, you grow. Learn more