Dallas and London – October 1, 2019 – Insala, a pioneer in career management, and a leading global provider of solutions for the employee career lifecycle including software solutions for career management, mentoring, coaching, alumni and career transition; and TrenData, a leading global provider of AI-driven people-analytics solutions, have teamed up to provide a high-powered analytics offering for improving engagement and empowerment across the employee career continuum.

Under the terms of the agreement, TrenData has provided a non-exclusive license of its award-winning analytics technology to Insala, who has been integrating it into their industry leading software solutions, to bring predictive analytics to their enterprise client base.

Obtaining accurate insights is difficult to obtain for existing employees as data sources and model reliability vary greatly; this task becomes even greater when your base of data relates to the careers and development of current and ex-employees, with whom companies may be hoping to recruit back or generate revenue from.

“Knowing what connections, opportunities, incentives and communication methods can drive employee engagement is a key part of a company’s business,” said Insala CEO Phillip Roark. He added, “The predictive capabilities that analytics bring to the Insala offering, will put us way beyond our competition.”

In today’s tight labor market and competitive business environment companies need every edge they can get.  Having a pool of engaged and successful employees to develop and drive business from, is more of a necessity than a luxury for large and mid-sized organizations.

“TrenData’s predictive people analytics has been a game changer for its clients by helping stem turnover and improve recruiting to its internal population,” said TrenData co-founder and CEO Tom McKeown. He continued, “Bringing these capabilities to the employee career lifecycle provides a new business segment addressed through the Insala integration.”

TrenData’s cloud-based, scalable software solution leverages a high-powered artificial intelligence engine to generate predictive analytics and deliver insights for HR decision makers across dispersed datasets. The solution harnesses external big data sources and internal systems into a single location. Using the software’s natural language interface, business leaders can predict workforce outcomes, examine trends among key groups, and benchmark internal retention indicators against standards set by the industry or key competitors, ultimately better equipping their organization to recruit and then retain top talent.

About TrenData:
Based in Dallas, Texas, TrenData is a cloud-based platform company providing AI-driven people analytics to address critical business needs. Co-founders Tom McKeown and Mark Hamdan have over 30 years in the HR space.

About Insala:
For the last two and a half decades, Insala has delivered innovation through its world-class SaaS platform and instructional content, enabling 150 enterprise customers worldwide, to engage their employees with career development tools. Insala’s solutions are used today by nearly 3 million employees in the world’s largest global financial and professional services firms, law firms, industrials, telecommunications companies, and industry associations in more than 170 countries and more than 20 languages.

The Insala suite of employee career lifecycle solutions combine the power of people analytics, software, rich content, readiness workshops and SaaS software, into a suite of solutions that support employees’ careers; during employment, through transition and then outside the organization, as alumni.

For more information about Insala or to schedule a demo, please visit: https://www.Insala.com