November 11, 2016 – Brisbane, CA – Following the closure of a successful management buyout, GlobalEnglish, today announced the company as the new, independent leader in the billion dollar Business English language learning market.

The management buyout from Pearson, the world’s leading education company, was led by GlobalEnglish’s Karine Allouche Salanon, along with other organizational leaders, including Valentine de Roubaix, Dean Cooper and Scott Ludeke. Sam Neff, the original architect of the GlobalEnglish solutions, joins the company as a Special Advisor.

The company will continue to support its One Platform and entire range of services. Product development will be integrated into GlobalEnglish, giving the company full control over its development resources. The SaaS One Platform has served over 3.3 million corporate learners in 213 countries.

“As an independent company we can focus on delivering the next generation capabilities our customers need to better compete in the global economy,” said Karine Allouche Salanon, who continues to lead the new GlobalEnglish as CEO. “We believe success should be driven by ability and ambition not bias or birthright. English has become the language of global business. We empower global teams and help them co-operate, collaborate and innovate by giving every global worker the ability to contribute by removing language and cultural barriers.”

GlobalEnglish’s technology enabled learning solutions and professional services serve more than 430 customers globally. The majority of customer firms belong to the Global 3000. Important customer verticals include IT, financial and marketing services. Ninety-four percent of the company’s sales are direct business-to-business.

“Our customers rely on Business English to make their organizations work more effectively. Organizations should no longer look at language learning as a siloed experienced,” added Allouche Salanon. “They should think about it as part of their overall talent management investment. If we can reduce friction in communications, we can unleash global teams to collaborate and innovate. We are excited to continue to make a difference by helping our customers and their employees take better advantage of opportunities as they arise.”

GlobalEnglish’s management was advised in the transaction by Skyline Venture Partners. Terms of the buyout were not disclosed.

About GlobalEnglish

Since 1997, GlobalEnglish has delivered Business English language learning solutions to organizations across the globe. The company’s unique combination of technology, personal coaching, context-driven learning and engaging content uniquely positions GlobalEnglish to help global teams co-operate, collaborate and innovate by giving every global worker the ability to contribute. Headquartered in Brisbane, California, GlobalEnglish employs more than 160 individuals worldwide.