SAN FRANCISCO — Nov. 17, 2021 — Scribe, the operating system for know-how, today announced Smart Embed, a new capability that enables anyone to share their knowledge across the platforms and tools their teams use every day. Now, users can create and embed visual step-by-step guides into wikis, knowledge bases, help centers and more in a clear, consistent and easy-to-navigate format.

Scribe drastically cuts down the time it takes to create documentation by automatically generating step-by-step guides while users work. Each guide can be edited, customized and shared in a matter of clicks. With the new Smart Embed capability, Scribes now make existing documentation more effective by complementing text heavy, contextual information with visual how-to guides.

Debuting at a Critical Time

Scribe’s Smart Embed will be invaluable as organizations build out onboarding documentation to support their biggest hiring period of the year, with companies expected to add an onslaught of new employees in January and February.

“Onboarding is at an all time high. Companies generally see an increase of new hires at the start of a new year but are expecting an even greater influx as a result of the ‘Great Resignation,’ with more people leaving and starting new jobs than ever before,” said Jennifer Smith, co-founder and CEO of Scribe. “At the same time, remote work makes it harder to share know-how. New hires can no longer just tap a colleague on the shoulder for answers — companies need to create documentation to fill that gap. With Smart Embed we’re making it easier than ever to create effective onboarding documentation, so teams can get new hires up-to-speed fast.”

Providing a Seamless Onboarding Experience for All

Scribe already makes it simple to share “how-to,” facilitating knowledge-sharing interactions across teams in a totally seamless manner. Now, with Smart Embed, team members can quickly include their unique insights in any other platform, calling attention to critical processes in even more meaningful and consistent ways in order to set new hires up for success.

Because Scribes can be created in seconds as employees record their best practices, HR and team leaders save massive amounts of time they would have otherwise spent developing onboarding documentation. Distractions and disruptions new hires create for tenured employees are greatly diminished; they can scale their expertise to help new employees by recording a Scribe on a particular topic or task that can be used over and over. By embedding Scribes into the tools employees use every day, managers also can give new hires access to the relevant, up-to-date information pertaining to their job-specific role, leading to a more efficient and comprehensive process for all.

Now, Smart Embed allows anyone to showcase these Scribes within another application. The beautiful new format for Scribe guides gives creators control over where a Scribe appears and the amount of space each Scribe consumes in other tools. This enables creators to easily supplement text documentation with visual step-by-step guides, without overwhelming viewers. Smart Embed also introduces a new experience to focus viewers by progressing them through a single, visual step at a time.

Anyone can use Scribe and Smart Embed to enhance onboarding programs. For example:

  • HR can create a wiki that outlines company benefits and is accompanied by a step-by-step guide that navigates a new hire through how to sign-up for benefits in Workday
  • Teams can develop documentation that includes both role context and step-by-step guides for related digital processes, such as:
    — What to be aware of before closing a deal in SFDC accompanied by a step-by-step guide that demonstrates the process
    — How to respond to customers in a support inquiry supplemented by a step-by-step guide for how to reply to the inquiry in Zendesk
  • As systems and processes change, Scribe creators can quickly update both visual and text components of their guide and instantly reflect these changes anywhere the Scribe is embedded using Smart Embed

“There’s so much involved in training new hires within their first weeks or months at a new organization — we constantly see teams jam way too much into onboarding documentation. The downside is, these documents quickly become outdated, overwhelming and ultimately ineffective,” said Tracy Avin, Founder of TroopHR, the premier network and education platform for the modern HR leader. “Scribe’s Smart Embed capability gives onboarding wikis superpowers. It’s finally easy to make complex onboarding processes and documentation approachable for new hires.”

How Smart Embed Works

Smart Embed introduces a new format for Scribe’s visual step-by-step guides that is easy to navigate within the context of another app. This format allows users to click through each step at their own pace so even the most complex processes are displayed beautifully and clearly. Users simply copy the embed snippet from Scribe and insert it into the tool of their choice, like Zendesk, Notion, Guru and Sharepoint. Ultimately, Scribe enables organizations to develop an up-to-date, central repository of the collective intelligence of their workforce to make companies and their employees, including new hires, better.

Scribe is currently used by teams across tens of thousands of organizations, ranging from technology startup unicorns like Human Interest to Fortune 500 companies like LinkedIn. With Scribe, enterprise teams have seen nearly a 50% reduction in non-productive time spent learning how to do a process, translating to thousands of dollars of savings per team member each year.

About Scribe

Scribe lets users share how work is done, enabling anyone to automatically create step-by-step guides for any process. The Scribe platform seamlessly captures and shares knowledge workers’ “know-how,” building more productive and collaborative organizations and communities. The company is backed by leading technology investors and is headquartered in San Francisco.