IRVINE, Calif. — Jan. 31, 2023 — MaxKnowledge, the leading provider of online talent development solutions for the career and technical education (CTE) community, has announced the general availability launch of CareerPrepped, a virtual platform connecting talent, talent developers and employers to enable skills-based hiring at scale.

CareerPrepped unveils a new way to demonstrate and recognize verifiable skills in talent development and acquisition.

As more employers prioritize hiring for skills over education level and work history, the need for a platform that enables job seekers to demonstrate their skills has never been greater. CareerPrepped empowers job seekers to provide real-world evidence of their skills and then seek feedback from the community to understand which of their skills are perceived to be well proven and which need stronger evidence. By using a more diverse range of evidence, job seekers can signal their skills to employers more effectively. This allows employers to use a more comprehensive approach to validate skills, which can help overcome a primary obstacle to skills-based hiring according to McKinsey research.

CareerPrepped also helps job seekers develop and showcase their soft skills, the essential workforce skills in demand by employers across all industries. In fact, CareerPrepped provides powerful self-help tools to help people achieve lifelong career success, including an AI-based tool that scans millions of job posts online to automatically match people with jobs that fit their skills.

CareerPrepped is free for learners, job seekers and working adults alike, but to enable skills-based hiring at scale, verifiable skills must become the currency of the labor market and the focus of the entire talent supply chain. CareerPrepped engages educators and employers in helping learners and job seekers make their skills visible and verifiable. Educators can use CareerPrepped to document and track learners’ skill acquisition, rather than just course completion and grades, while helping them connect with career opportunities. Employers can join for free as industry mentors to provide feedback on users’ skill evidence and to connect with potential hires. Soon they’ll be able to recruit CareerPrepped talent through a skills-based candidate matching tool powered by Textkernel’s AI technology.

CareerPrepped is building a talent pipeline from the CTE sector because of the sector’s focus on skill outcomes and workforce readiness. The Association for Career and Technical Education (ACTE) has already adopted CareerPrepped as CTE’s virtual community, and the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges (ACCSC) has adopted CareerPrepped to support its Essential Workforce Skills Programmatic Certification.

“CareerPrepped is destined to become a critical part of preparing the nation’s learners for the world of work, with a rich set of workforce readiness tools and an environment that allows learners and potential employers to connect,” said Michael Connet, associate deputy executive director of ACTE.

“Essential workforce skills, often referred to as soft skills, are a necessary part of any high-quality career education program. We’re particularly pleased with CareerPrepped’s self-directed and competency-based approach to help learners build their soft skills,” said Dr. Michale McComis, executive director of ACCSC.

“CareerPrepped has evolved to become an all-in-one career success platform and skills-focused talent community. We look forward to making a lasting difference in the employee recruitment landscape,” said Dr. Amir Moghadam, chief executive officer of MaxKnowledge.

About CareerPrepped

CareerPrepped is a virtual platform connecting talent, talent developers and employers to enable skills-based hiring at scale. CareerPrepped helps people demonstrate their skills and continually prepare for career success. It helps educators track learners’ skill acquisition and enables employers to hire based on verifiable skills. Learn more at