Baltimore – October 23, 2018 – Yet Analytics has announced a major upgrade to its software-as-a-service platform for learning analytics. Debuting at the eLearning Guild’s annual DevLearn conference, the product enhancements will include a customizable learning analytics dashboard and a more intuitive user interface.

“The Yet Analytics xAPI Learning Record Store has long been considered best-in-class for its real-time automated data visualization capabilities,” said Yet CEO, Shelly Blake-Plock, “This major upgrade continues that tradition while putting more power into the users’ hands to create customizable dashboards and reports.”

The company’s flagship xAPI Learning Record Store is a purpose-built datastore for the activity data streamed across learning technology ecosystems. Yet Analytics provides customers in corporate learning and development, defense training, and education with advanced and interoperable methods of dealing with and leveraging an exponentially rising amount of data.

“This release will improve our customers’ ability to understand and put to use the power of their data,” said Brit Keller, chief operating officer at Yet Analytics, “What we’ve created is mission control for learning and performance data.”

In addition to the product upgrades, all customers will receive access to Yet’s Adapter application at no additional cost. The Adapter is a visual data conversion tool built to help learning and development analysts and instructional designers create state-of-the-art xAPI data sets.

About Yet Analytics

Yet Analytics builds software products and data solutions that help organizations modernize and scale learning and talent development. Customers in Corporate L&D, Defense Training, and Education use Yet’s suite of products to increase the effectiveness of their learning technology stack, gain visibility across learning ecosystems, track learner engagement, and visualize insights provided by learning and performance data. Yet’s award-winning mission control dashboards provide customers with the real-time insights they need to measure and optimize the results and return-on-investment of their learning and training initiatives. From learning analytics to data logistics, Yet Analytics helps transform learning experience into business intelligence.