NOTTINGHAM, England — Sept. 14, 2021 — Headed up by THRIVE’s Head of Analytics, Ian Blackburn, the Data Lab is a direct response to the L&D industry’s hunger for proof of ROI and tangible results, but it packs much more than number-crunchers.

Working closely with L&D teams, the Data Lab plays a close-knit supporting role; building a clear strategy that links L&D programs to organizational goals, in an intrinsic, influential fashion.

It provides the data needed to prove the impact and value of learning activity, to influence key stakeholders, win awards (THRIVE will even write them) and secure a seat at the table.

Data: it doesn’t have to be daunting

At the Data Lab’s core is simplicity and a human-centric approach.

The initial strategy workshop pinpoints business goals and key stakeholders, providing the tools, skills and plans to demonstrate why L&D deserves a seat at the table.

From there, a clear strategy is built, with achievable goals and data analysis to report results along the way and a ‘test and adapt’ approach to continually fine-tune the analytics journey.

Finally, the Data Lab helps L&D to shout about its successes, with award-winning submissions that they’ll write.

From tick boxes to turbocharged

With the Data Lab, L&D efforts aren’t restricted to making sure everyone’s up to speed and compliant. Instead, L&D becomes a research arm of the business, with actionable insights to help L&D teams respond to their peoples’ needs and give them the right resources to be happy, engaged and successful at work.


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