Glendale, CA – July 17, 2018 – PSI Services LLC (PSI), a leading provider of secure online proctoring solutions for examinations in any learning environment and credentialing programs, today announces the launch of its new online proctoring solution, PSI Bridge. A multimodal remote proctoring system, PSI Bridge brings live remote proctoring and record and review proctoring together in a single system that can be customized to an institution’s needs and easily connected to any learning management system (LMS). PSI Bridge is a cloud-hosted software as a service (SaaS) model for remote proctoring, provided inside an organization’s LMS or using PSI’s proprietary test delivery driver.

With PSI Bridge, anyone can take an exam from any location via:

  • Record and review service: PSI Bridge records the exam sessions to be later reviewed by a proctor.
  • Live remote proctoring: A proctor will view an exam taker live while he/she completes the test.

PSI Bridge is highly secure without being invasive – only a single login is required for users to take their test, and PSI proctors do not require access of a user’s machine to verify test compliance. All security measures are integrated and automated to ensure proper compliance and client privacy, while simultaneously minimizing security risks and providing a smooth user experience. The platform offers a proprietary, customizable lock-down browser and self-serve check-in and authentication for faster launch times.

“Together with customer feedback, on-staff experts who have pioneered remote proctoring technologies, and more than ten years of experience in these delivery methods, we engineered PSI Bridge to give faculty and students a straightforward and customizable system with innovative security features so they can be better equipped in today’s ultra-competitive world,” said Rory McCorkle, Ph.D., senior vice president of certification and education services for PSI Services. “Designed by the pioneers of online proctoring, PSI Bridge is built for today’s educational and professional landscapes and underpinned by outstanding secure technology and responsive support.”

For higher education, LMS integration via the PSI Bridge LTI app includes single sign-on and automatic data transfer, saving faculty time by eliminating their need to set up tests. Within the LMS, faculty can define rules, configure assessments on an exam-by-exam basis, and adjust exam policy as needed to accommodate custom resources. Faculty can also see proctored exam results in the LMS and view specific students’ exams alongside any flagged violations and annotated video. Additionally, through the “rule implementer” feature, proctors will not need to manage rules manually, enabling higher accuracy and faster intervention.

“Faculty and students need an easy-to-use system, and that’s exactly what we built,” said Dr. McCorkle. “PSI offers a true enterprise-class solution to combine cutting-edge technology with the responsive customer service we are known for. Together, we can collaborate to meet your needs and scale our software from one exam to millions while safeguarding the academic integrity of your institution.”

Additional PSI Bridge features will be rolled out throughout 2018 and 2019.

As a technology-first vendor, PSI constantly invests in the best technology to innovate and scale to educational institutions and professional credentialing organizations’ needs. Since 2015, PSI Services has joined forces with 13 pioneering testing and assessment companies throughout the U.S. and around the world. The combined expertise of these leaders in education- and industry-based testing and psychometric solutions enhances PSI’s service offerings across multiple markets. Today, over 750 institutions partner with the company to transform student learning with innovative technology solutions that protect academic integrity.

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