Dallas – April 2, 2019 – OutMatch, the leader in predictive talent and culture analytics, announced today it is joining forces with The Devine Group to become one company under the name OutMatch. This deal brings together two exceptional companies, client bases, and product offerings to further strengthen OutMatch as the clear market leader in predictive talent analytics.

“OutMatch and The Devine Group is a marriage of two great companies that pioneered an industry,” said Greg Moran, President and CEO of OutMatch. “The Devine Group has been a trusted brand for over four decades and we value their position in the marketplace. I especially credit David Devine for his leadership in assembling world-class talent and industry know-how.”

Like OutMatch, The Devine Group’s technology is backed by decades of I/O research, and is a solution of choice across industries such as finance, healthcare, hospitality, and retail. The combination drives innovation for OutMatch and The Devine Group clients alike.

“OutMatch offers the best modern-day tech, scale, and data science our customers need to make critical hiring and development decisions,” said David Devine, chairman and CEO of The Devine Group.

Devine Group clients and prospects can take advantage of the scalable, integrated OutMatch platform, including pre-hire assessments and employee development, as well as culture analytics and video interviewing from OutMatch’s recent acquisition of Pomello and Wepow.

OutMatch also expects to accelerate growth of midmarket sales and reseller networks, two areas of business in which The Devine Group has built an excellent foundation.

OutMatch, Transforming the World of Work

OutMatch empowers companies to make the best decisions about their people, from hiring and development to leadership and culture. Our predictive talent and culture analytics provide employers with a competitive edge through a deep understanding of their candidates, their CultureDNA™, and the behaviors that drive success. The result is outstanding employee performance, transforming average workforces into high-growth, high-performance companies. https://outmatch.com/

About The Devine Group

The Devine Group applies human resource technology, experience, and industry-leading predictive models to continually help organizations reduce cost, increase revenue, and optimize productivity. The Devine Group provides clients with human resource tools that span the employee life cycle, including talent acquisition, onboarding, training and leadership development, team and culture evaluation, succession, engagement, and separation.