STAMFORD, Conn. — July 28, 2020 — Edith Pro today announces the North American launch of its enterprise and education SaaS solutions for online assessments and learning. The COVID-19 pandemic has forced recruiters and HR teams to work and hire remotely; they now rely heavily on virtual interviews and candidate assessments to maintain their recruitment efforts. Likewise, students, parents and educators across the globe are feeling the extraordinary ripple effect of the COVID-19 outbreak as schools and universities are forced to develop distance learning programs. Both of these groups face the challenge of fragmented processes that require the adoption of multiple tools and applications.

Edith Pro’s features include:

  • AI-based talent acquisition assessment engine
  • Skills measurement/development reports
  • Video interviews and classes with advanced proctoring and anti-cheat features
  • Resume harvesting and parsing
  • ATS integration

The platform currently supports domain assessments of 3000+ skillsets. In 2019, Edith Pro conducted over 500,000 assessments, assessing 2.3 million+ candidates for over 300 clients. Edith Pro has improved clients’ quality-of-hire by 40% and reduced cost- and time-per-hire by 33%.

Edith Pro’s end-to-end skill screening solution supports organizations with custom pre-hiring and development assessments that cover a wide variety of conventional and emerging domains, as well as provide behavioral and cultural analysis.

Edith Pro’s education solution supports the entire lifecycle of digital learning, from conducting live online classes to administering comprehensive online assessments and analyzing student performance. The robust, scalable and efficient Edith Pro platform is AI-powered, ML-enabled and supports security features including SSO and SAML.

Organizations today need to proceed with their recruitment, learning and development processes in a safe and effective way. Edith Pro helps by shifting these processes online and automating the parts of the recruitment process for which human input adds little or no value. Likewise, schools and universities must look at technology-enabled solutions where a large number of classes and exams can be conducted smoothly and securely. Edith Pro’s all-in-one platform makes these tasks possible, while also providing advanced analysis of candidates and students.

“This unprecedented pandemic has accelerated digital transformations across industries. Mechanization and automation are the needs of the hour. Edith Pro’s AI-powered and ML-enabled SaaS solutions help organizations and educational institutes adapt to the new normal of digital transformation and prepare for the future,” said Shelly Nichani – President, Edith Pro.