EDINBURGH, Scotland — Jan. 30, 2023 — Mind Tools for Business has launched a premium version of the Learning Performance Benchmark to help L&D teams become more strategically aligned on their goals, and transform their L&D strategies.

In 2022, Mind Tool’s Annual L&D Benchmark report revealed that top-performing L&D teams were four times more likely to be aligned on key strategic goals than low performers. To help L&D teams become better aligned, Mind Tools has launched the Learning Performance Benchmark Premium (LPB Premium). By upgrading to LPB Premium for an additional cost, L&D leaders can invite team members to participate in the Learning Performance Benchmark, giving them a comprehensive multi-user view of the results, and ensuring that everyone is on the same page.

LPB Premium will help L&D teams:

    • Introduce members to new ideas and ways of thinking.
    • Discover differences in opinion, both big and small
    • Start evidence-based discussions to help drive change.
    • Become more aligned as teams on key strategic goals

“For over 20 years the Learning Performance Benchmark has helped organizations to improve their L&D strategies and enhance organizational performance. Until now, though, it’s only been possible to present results from an individual perspective. Our new Learning Performance Benchmark Premium version allows multiple team members to respond individually, and then see an aggregated view of the data. This gives them a more robust assessment of L&D activity and identifies where there are differences in responses. As the demands on L&D continue to grow, alignment on key goals across teams has become more important now than ever before. We’re excited to see how the latest improvements will help L&D leaders transform their L&D strategies.”

Owen Ferguson, Chief Product Officer

Find out more about the Learning Performance Benchmark Premium here.

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