GREENSBORO, N.C. — Sept. 5, 2023 — Leadership development consultancy Jamesson Solutions has purchased three well-known business simulations and one personality assessment instrument.

This is a significant advancement for the Greensboro company which will use the products in its own client engagements, but more strategically, Jamesson Solutions will market them to other consultants and corporate talent management departments worldwide, in a nearly $400 billion* learning and development industry.

The acquisition includes simulations Polygon Puzzle™, Trust Building™, and Team Buildings™, along with the assessment instrument Team Performance Questionnaire™ (TPQ™). Jamesson Solutions purchased these from Donna Riechmann and Geoff Grenert, principals in the Florida based company, You Can Lead, who were also involved in the development of the products.

Polygon Puzzle™, the most widely used of the simulations, is a powerful team development tool designed to teach team members to communicate effectively and to collaborate to achieve a common goal successfully. The puzzle enables organizations to build a team in less than one hour. It’s been used in hundreds of organizations from all business sectors, including Pfizer, GlaxoSmithKline, AT&T, and Intellidex (now Krutham). (*The learning and development industry is expected to reach $402 billion by 2025 with a growth rate of 2-3 percent CAGR, says Beroe Inc.)

Polygon Puzzle™ was even used by the United States Senate. Turns out, even Senators need some fun to function better as a team.

“It has always been rated the best part of a leadership program,” said Grenert. “And I think I think one of the main factors is that if it’s fun, it’ll be memorable. And it covers all the bases about what a team is – how you build a team, the importance of communication – I think that’s why it’s so successful.”

“I think why it’s been successful and powerful is because it can be done in less than an hour,” said Riechmann who developed the simulation, as well as the TPQ™. “We’ve used it with everything from kids to senior executives. And it’s always been successful. I don’t think we never had it not work.”

The Trust Building™ simulation is a high-energy team development activity to explore issues of effective team membership and team leadership, driven by building trust in teams. It highlights the value of trust in teams while uncovering the gross negative impact distrust has on team morale and performance. Trust Building was developed by Grenert, Riechmann, and Sim Sitkin of Delta Leadership, in Durham, NC.

Team Buildings™ is a simulation designed for two to four teams. Each team has five departments working in concert to build structures. Teams must integrate customers’ specifications and use predetermined geometric shapes and colors to construct the buildings.

TPQ™ is used to help trainers, HR professionals, and team leaders transform work groups into high-performing teams. It improves team productivity, enhances team communication, and boosts team satisfaction by measuring six key characteristics.

Jamesson Solutions will keep all products functionally as they are but will update branding and develop new online access. Meanwhile, all products are currently available for purchase.
“We’ve relied on each of these products in our work, for quite some time,” said Jamesson Solutions president Donna Warrick. “The simulations are ‘can’t fail’ components of learning engagements with very predictable results. And we’ve found that whatever is going on in the organization – competitiveness, conflict, teamwork – is mimicked in the game.”

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