Atlanta – October 9, 2019 – Jacksonville, Florida-based Wired2Perform is the latest firm to power its own platform with DNA Behavior International’s “behavioral chip.”

Wired2Perform is a people analytics platform that uses an individual’s behavioral insights, skills, interests, talents and aspirations to match them – through various proprietary and patent-pending AI-based algorithms – to teams, roles, customers and careers. In particular, Wired2Perform helps individuals discover how they are “wired” and helps organizations foster self-awareness to improve performance for individuals, teams and the organization at large.

“The future of work needs to be driven by employee management software with strategies that are personalized to each employee, and people analytics need to be at the heart of our decision-making,” says Raghu Misra, the founder and CEO of Wired2Perform and a serial tech entrepreneur. “Human capital capacity and talent management can now be customized to employee behavior and attitudes, improving long-term employee engagement and productivity and, in doing so, organizational performance.”

He adds that, “What’s great about what we’ve been able to do with Wired2Perform is take these incredible insights provided by DNA Behavior and use them in a host of new application tools that we’ll continue to build on. We’re excited for what the future holds and how Wired2Perform can change lives.”

Everyone participating in Wired2Perform’s platform completes a 10- to 12-minute questionnaire online, from which data is analyzed and a personality profile is generated. Participants learn their strengths, struggles, performance indicators, talents and compatibility indexes at an unparalleled level of depth and reliability. They can share results with co-workers or managers or just leverage the insights individually to achieve business and personal goals.

“Wired2Perform is a great example of a business leveraging the validated, replicable behavior tech platform we’ve been developing for 18 years,” says Ryan Scott, DNA Behavior’s Chief Technology Officer. “They’ve built an ecosystem that integrates our real-time personalized insights in a customizable way so that they round out the system and provide the results they need without the time or expense of reinventing our proven, practical tools.”

DNA Behavior delivers practical, real-time, scalable behavioral insights to accelerate human performance. Its API (Application Program Interface) provides companies like Wired2Perform with an engaging questionnaire, robust insights and customized experiences they can “plug in” to their own systems.

“Wired2Perform’s goal is to help people discover how they’re wired,” Scott says, “and demonstrates well how our API is the ‘behavioral chip’ delivering eye-opening experiences for users as they discover innate behaviors they may not even realize they retreat to. Indeed, we can help myriad businesses harness people’s money attitudes, press and emotions that ultimately derail performance and block success.”

About DNA Behavior

Founded in 2001, DNA Behavior solutions are in play in over 123 countries through 11 languages. The company’s 12 proprietary DNA Behavior Discovery Processes include Communication DNA, Financial DNA and Business DNA. DNA API provides value across fintech, wealthtech, regtech, HRtech, eduTech, marketingTech and other platforms. Anywhere predictive behavior insights are needed. And, because the results don’t change over time, users can look to the results over and over through every interaction in business or life. Its API solutions bring validated behavioral insights to large international banks, insurance providers, wealth managers, technology companies, government agencies, utilities and others.