LONDON — Aug. 19, 2021 — GP Strategies have recently launched their latest Measurement Academy initiative. The Measurement Academy is a dynamic learning program that teaches participants how to measure the impact and ROI of learning and performance management initiatives.

The 10 week learning journey takes you on a hands-on skill building learning journey, and provides a repeatable process for measurement strategy and execution. Over the course of the journey, teams have the opportunity to learn how to connect their learning initiatives to real business outcomes, conduct business alignment and performance consulting sessions.

Split into three comprehensive parts, the academy is set to measure impact, mapping, and planning, and can be done either holistically or by module depending on individual needs. Designed as a high-touch, high-tech blended learning approach, the program is spaced, collaborative, and personalized so that participants can learn and practice concepts over time in a social environment. The content is delivered in multiple modalities including videos, articles, assessments, case studies, and live coaching session.

Through the Measurement Academy, teams will learn about the award-winning business impact measurement process used at global fortune 500 companies, and will ultimately demystify any preconceptions and myths that people may have concerning learning measurement. The program also offers teams with an optional certification for developing Measurement Maps and Measurement Plans, including a badge and the recognition of accomplishments.

Visit our session ‘Measuring for Success’ at this year’s Learning Live event on Sept. 9, 1:30 p.m. to 2:15 p.m. Tim Brind, Tom Griffiths and John Mason explain the secret weapon to successful learning design, stakeholder buy-in, and workforce transformation.

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