SEATTLE — Sept. 28, 2021 — Educative, an interactive hands-on skill development platform for software developers and the companies that employ them, today announced a new tool, Educative Assessments. This platform allows developers and software engineers who are interested in learning new skills the ability to benchmark their current skill set and receive custom recommendations about which Educative course(s) will benefit them the most.

Software developers and engineers need to keep themselves updated constantly. Surveys conducted by Stack Overflow found that 75% of developers learn something new within a year and that more than 50% of developers learn something new every few months.

Learning new technical skills and non-technical skills provides a foundation for developers and engineers to progress in their careers. Even the broader topics of study are changing constantly. Five to ten years ago, new programming languages and frameworks were the main focus; now there is a shift towards learning APIs, security, and compliance.

“In my experience, the highest performing developers continuously upgrade their skill set,” said Fahim ul Haq, chief executive officer and co-founder of Educative. “Skills assessment helps developers and engineers find the right course, at the right time for their learning level. And, it’s not just for individual learners, engineering managers can, and should, encourage their entire team to take the assessment and trust that they’ll sharpen their coding with coursework that is relevant and skill-level appropriate.”

Educative’s new tool evaluates learners in less than 30-minutes of online assessment questions. The tool will also present an evaluation of the software engineer’s proficiency, known as an Educative SkillScore, and will allow them to benchmark their performance across other software engineers. The test can be repeated to gauge whether someone improves their score.

“It’s a great tool for engineering managers, too,” said ul Haq. “Engineering leaders need to know where their teams are performing well and where they can improve. This tool can empower leaders with the information they need to lead.”

Educative is rapidly adding course offerings to respond to the interest of more than 600,000 software developers from all over the world. Educative saw a 430% spike in usage in 2020 with its coursework becoming immensely popular with diverse communities around the world.

About Educative

Educative is the leading provider of online learning platforms that engage users with interactive in-browser coding exercises designed to teach, test, and develop skills of engineering managers and developers. Its interactive courses are designed in conjunction with external tech experts and feature text-based training which studies show is significantly faster than video-based courses. Used by individuals and businesses alike, Educative’s courses help software developers learn more quickly and efficiently than other platforms. To learn more, visit