New York – November 19, 2019 – Cheer Partners, an award-winning employee experience agency, announced a first-of-its-kind service: The Cultural DNA Assessment. This new offering leverages the power of data and quantifiable metrics to help organizations create and maintain more people-focused, connected cultures and workforces. This analysis enables leaders to kickstart and support company growth and ROI.

Every group of people forms their own understanding of each other and how to work together, creating a “cultural thumbprint” that is unique to them. While organizations’ approaches or products can be copied, the Cultural DNA of employees can never be duplicated. Understanding what makes a workplace unique – its cultural DNA – is what determines how an organization can and will evolve over time. The Cheer Partners’ Cultural DNA Assessment enables organizations to cultivate their best culture to attract the right people. The evaluation provides a common goal that supports their cultural DNA, as well as measurable results.

“A company’s cultural DNA not only determines what their employees are capable of, but also provides the blueprint necessary to maintain growth and employee retention,” said Cat Colella-Graham, founder and managing partner of Cheer Partners. “Our unique measurement approach supports how you can align your employees to the enterprise mission.”

Cheer Partners’ Cultural DNA Assessment identifies what attributes are unique to an organization and its employees to benchmark what attracts and inspires them, and what detracts from their experience. Based on this information, the agency provides in-depth recommendations to set goals that enable teams to reach the next level of engagement.

About Cheer Partners

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