San Francisco – October 10, 2018 – Braidio, a social workplace intelligence platform, today announced the launch of its brand new Braidio WorkStreams™ software. Braidio’s award winning platform creates successful customer outcomes by streamlining workflows, removing friction, connecting information and knowledge silos, and empowering a more collaborative and knowledgeable team to optimize productivity. Braidio Workstreams was built for the growing need for speed in work execution, as well as the role of automation and purposeful collaboration in delivering winning outcomes.

Braidio has a bold vision to transform learning and knowledge sharing through a data-driven and employee-centered approach. The Braidio WorkStreams platform integrates with the popular third-party tools and services already used by most organizations such as SharePoint, Salesforce, Microsoft 365, Google Drive, QuickBooks, and others to provide a unified experience.

“The future of work will look very differently than it does now. Employees need to combine all of their training, information, software tools, and resources used daily in one place to make problem solving easier, reduce workload and optimize productivity,” said Iain Scholnick, Founder and CEO of Braidio. “Braidio WorkStreams does just that, with a single user experience to connect knowledge and information silos, and third-party tools for a smarter workforce, and allowing for knowledge assembly that aggregates content and information with a single goal in mind improving job productivity.”

Braidio pulls together all siloed information into workstreams in order to optimize productivity. The workstream’s interaction occurs below those layers to present answers and solutions, not just content, to deliver successful outcomes. Braidio also captures informal knowledge, which accounts for 80% of knowledge and learning in the workplace, and makes it easily discoverable.

“At 451 Research we’ve been covering Workforce Intelligence Platforms as a result of seeing a shift towards the need of more liquid productivity platforms, which allow employees to keep projects on schedule and drive communication between departments,” said Raul Castañon Martinez, Senior Analyst at 451 Research. “Workstreams are a natural progression in Braidio’s product roadmap, working towards a more collaborative environment for users, enabling workplace training within the daily workflow of an organization”.

“Braidio is our onboarding partner of choice for both customers and reseller partners because the platform empowers teams with the freedom to design and create new workstreams at the local level that will unlock collaboration and optimize productivity across the entire organization,” said Sacha Gera, SVP, Cloud Products at “This encompasses much more than access and training; Braidio provides agility in a workstream to create winning business outcomes.”

Braidio is moving quickly ahead to integrate with other third-party services and tools, to break down knowledge silos and provide a unified experience. This is critical in providing a cohesive optimized employee experience, where they will no longer need to juggle multiple screens throughout the day to do their work. To learn more about incorporating Braidio Workstreams into your business, please visit

About Braidio
Braidio’s award winning platform threads all necessary information, knowledge, people, and business tools into a single point of productivity, your WorkStreams™. The future of work will look very different than it does now. Braidio WorkStreams helps accelerate sales, improve customer satisfaction, and simplify employee on-boarding by efficiently spreading knowledge and insights across any workflow and business unit in real-time. Based in San Francisco, Braidio is surrounded by some of the most innovative and disruptive companies in the world. Braidio WorkStreams simplifies success. For more information, please visit or follow us on Facebook and Twitter.