San Francisco – June 26, 2018 – To meet increasing demand for virtual reality (VR) projects, SweetRush has developed an in-house tour builder, which enables much more efficient development of virtual tours.

This tool was innovated and built by SweetRush SPARK engineers, the team at SweetRush focusing on emerging technologies. According to Adrian Soto, Director of Future Technologies at SweetRush SPARK, the speed with which his team can now develop VR tours is dramatically faster than before the launch of Scene Studio.

Virtual tours are a popular VR experience in which 360° cameras—or DSLR cameras with special mounts—are used to create 360° images or videos that can be viewed through a VR headset for full immersion in an exciting realm. Wearing these headsets, users can turn their heads and look around in a seamless environment, or jump to other areas of the tour. Scene Studio accelerates the process of managing and interconnecting different 360° images or videos, enabling the creation of virtual tours in a shorter time frame.

“There are many ways to create a VR experience, but the 360° tour is often required, so we took the time to build a tool that allows us to help clients get their work done faster,” said Soto.

“With Scene Studio, we can build new tours much faster and more cost effectively, and the velocity with which we can work now is a major improvement.”

“Historically, we’ve always invested in tool building for greater efficiency, allowing us

to create beyond the boundaries of commercially available tools. Virtual reality is an exciting new landscape for all of us in Learning and Development, and once again we’re demonstrating our model of building proprietary tools when necessary to better meet the needs of our clients,” said John-Carlos Lozano, SweetRush Chief Creative Officer. “All of us at SweetRush are thrilled to see the SPARK team taking off, creating cutting-edge work for clients and new tools along the way.”

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