Menlo Park, CA and Boston – September 11, 2018 – SumTotal Systems, a Skillsoft company, and STRIVR, the leader in immersive virtual reality (VR) training, have partnered to deliver industry-leading corporate training experiences that are driven by deep data insights, seamlessly integrated into the SumTotal Learning Management platform. Together, STRIVR and SumTotal are transforming the way organizations train and develop their employees, accelerating employee time to proficiency through STRIVR’s immersive VR training simulations and delivering xAPI-powered integration into SumTotal’s LMS.

Integrating the STRIVR training platform with the detailed tracking of data from specific simulations through xAPI into SumTotal Learning Management will deliver deep, personalized recommendations for learners. This partnership will provide customers with an unprecedented level of data analysis and unparalleled behavioral insights resulting in a career development experience for their workforces that is unrivaled in the market.

Organizations will leverage this partnership to assign employees VR-led training and onboarding courses. For instance, a manufacturing organization would have employees take a variety of Site Safety courses simulating the real site environment to test each employee’s knowledge of safety hazards as well as their reactions to scenarios that could arise on the job. Analysis of detailed biometric data, such as heart rate and gaze pattern, can result in hyperpersonlized recommendations. For employees that did not perform sufficiently, additional training would be recommended to help them improve.

“Combining  STRIVR’s immersive VR training with our LMS creates an unprecedented depth of insights that was previously not possible. Leveraging cutting-edge xAPI technology, we can seamlessly integrate the industry’s most powerful data analysis into the SumTotal LMS, for the first time enabling an LMS to track this level of highly sophisticated data,” said Apratim Purakayastha, Chief Technology Officer, Skillsoft. “Integration of biometric data from STRIVR simulations into the SumTotal LMS is a game changer for large enterprises seeking powerful, streamlined, end-to-end technology solutions.”

STRIVR leverages science and technology to take learning, training and practice to new levels, ultimately leading to better job performance. In one example, Fidelity Investments has used STRIVR to train call center representatives and consequently has seen caller satisfaction improve 10 percent since implementing the training.

“Joining forces with Skillsoft and SumTotal, we are ushering in a new, powerful era of corporate learning,” said Derek Belch, CEO, STRIVR. “Through STRIVR’s immersive VR training platform, we can deliver the most effective training that exists today, while data analysis provided by SumTotal’s LMS delivers real-time recommendations to help employees improve and managers understand strengths and weaknesses across their workforce. The sophistication of this collaboration is representative of how organizations will consume and manage performance training in the future.”

STRIVR transforms the way organizations train and develop their employees, using virtual reality (VR) to simulate real-world, on-the-job scenarios for enhanced learning. Leading Fortune 500 companies and elite sports teams use STRIVR’s immersive training platform to create highly engaging experiences for fast, consistent and effective results. Incubated in conjunction with Stanford University’s Virtual Human Interaction Lab, STRIVR uses proven research in cognitive science and human behavior to increase engagement, performance and retention. STRIVR VR experiences deliver a compelling ROI: higher productivity, lower training costs and better job performance. For more information, visit

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