NEW YORK — Nov. 2, 2021 — Statespace, developer of neuroscience-based performance training solutions, including Aim Lab, the first-person shooter (FPS) aim trainer of choice for more than 20 million players, today announced their acquisition of ProGuides. Since launch, ProGuides has paid its video game coaches over $2,000,000 as part of the rapidly expanding creator economy and is one of the top coaching destinations for gamers looking to learn from the pros.

Coming weeks after Statespace’s $50M C funding round, the ProGuides acquisition will further the company’s mission to build Statespace’s existing pro-coaching offering and Aim Lab performance training offering into the world’s best platform to help players improve their skill at the games they love.

“Our vision is to create a singular platform that allows everyone to get better at, and better enjoy, the games that they love,” said Statespace founder and CEO, Wayne Mackey. “Acquiring ProGuides allows us to continue to build the ultimate performance training platform for player improvement by combining both live and asynchronous training experiences via our existing Aim Lab product. We truly believe the sum is greater than the individual parts and are beyond excited to show you what comes next.”

“We founded ProGuides with the mission to inspire, instruct and connect the next generation of gamers,” said Sam Wang, CEO and co-founder of ProGuides. “Alongside Statespace, we’ll expand those ambitions beyond live coaching and on-demand courses to help gamers get better,” added Kristoph Oedman, co-founder of ProGuides.

About Statespace Labs

Statespace Labs provides performance analytics to mental training across gaming and digital health. Founded in 2017 by neuroscientist Dr. Wayne Mackey, Statespace’s portfolio of products includes Aim Lab, the first-person shooter aim trainer of choice for more than 20 million players and Playerbase, a subscription platform that connects gaming coaches with players who want to improve their skills. Statespace’s work in digital health has helped propel studies in cognitive neuroscience through partnerships with Mount Sinai Hospital and Kernel.

About ProGuides

ProGuides was founded in 2015 with one mission: to help gamers take their play to a new level. Members access premium courses and on demand game coaching. ProGuides makes it possible for anyone to learn from and play with the best. ProGuides currently has 500+ lessons featuring 60+ of the best eSports pros from Fortnite, League of Legends,Hearthstone, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Magic the Gathering: Arena, and Overwatch. There are also 2500+ coaches available for instant booking.