Toronto – October 16, 2019 – SkyPrep, a leader in cloud-based Learning Management System software, has announced the release of its new learner interface to streamline the training process and improve the quality of the learner experience. The latest version of SkyPrep transforms how customers achieve their online training objectives through enhanced functionality, modern design elements, and customizable layouts, simplifying platform navigation, and improving the user experience.

Learners are provided with a more modern and intuitive layout to enable quicker navigation to key training elements, reducing the number of clicks it takes to access training resources and to complete an action. Administrators can customize the layout appearance of the learner dashboard, course overview and learning path overview to eliminate clutter and show relevant training information based on their learners’ needs.

“Enhancing your learners’ training experience is essential in turning your employees into highly effective workers,” said Babak Barkhodaei, Chief Executive Officer at SkyPrep Inc. “We have looked at industry trends and gathered feedback from our customer community to find ways to make a learner’s journey as smooth as possible. We are more than excited to have this release available to all customers. We have no doubt in our minds that users will be able to use the new platform more efficiently.”

The latest release also features new and modern design elements within the learner dashboard for better accessibility to training information. The new learner dashboard provides users with an overview of past, present, and future training such as passed and failed courses, courses currently enrolled in, and upcoming training that is due. Learners will have greater visibility into their training program, helping them to stay on top of their training requirements.

SkyPrep has been recognized by both customers and industry experts for its award-winning intuitive interface. Providing an excellent user experience to boost engagement, increase user adoption, and deliver easier navigation has always been a top priority for the organization. The latest release supports this focus by further simplifying the learning environment to enable users to utilize SkyPrep more efficiently, helping them to receive the best training experience possible.

About SkyPrep 

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