RENO, Nev. — May 4, 2020 — Today Rehearsal, the provider of best-in-class video-based practice software and services, announced a major release that extensively increases the scalability of the platform. This is achieved through a learner-driven approach that utilizes self-guided practice and artificial intelligence (AI). This release significantly reduces mentor workload, which is a frequent bottleneck in skills development. Learners using the platform receive AI-driven keyword analysis, are prompted to evaluate their own submissions using a customizable rubric, and experience accelerated skills development by automatically completing selected assignment activities.

“Virtual training is more important than ever. This release gives Rehearsal users a platform that is scalable beyond anything available today. New functionality puts learners in the driver’s seat while ensuring their efforts are targeted and effective,” said Darik Volpa, founder and CEO of Rehearsal. “By removing the mentor bottleneck, Rehearsal can be implemented at a scale previously unimaginable. This release further strengthens our position as we deliver the most scalable video-based practice and coaching platform on the market.”

Prior to this release, Rehearsal assignment activities required mentor involvement in each learner submission, resulting in programs that were limited by mentor bandwidth. With the addition of AI to the Rehearsal platform, mentor bandwidth no longer limits the size and scope of programs. Learners now benefit from clear and highly objective feedback, making their video-based practice and coaching experience more empowering and effective.

Leah Barrett, Product Manager at Rehearsal mentioned, “The shift towards a more learner-centric experience using AI is just the beginning of what we are calling an Intelligent Journey, where learning is self-guided, targeted, and scalable. Future releases will reinforce this as we maintain an intense focus on further advancing the industry’s best video-based practice platform.”

This release is available for both web and mobile applications with full functionality. This ensures that learners, mentors, and program administrators have convenient access and capabilities anytime, anywhere, and on any device. If needed, traditional Rehearsal functionality through which mentors provide tailored one-on-one feedback and guidance is still conveniently accessible. This versatility makes the platform a valuable solution for a wide number of use-cases across many industry verticals.

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