LONDON —  Jan. 20, 2021 — Attensi, the world’s leading gamified simulation training provider, has today announced the launch of ‘Talk to Me’ – a free-to-use immersive learning simulation that offers a new way for adults to build the knowledge and confidence they need to talk to children about abuse.

Developed in collaboration with child protection experts the NSPCC, ‘Talk to Me’ guides users through multiple interactive, fictional scenarios. Each has been designed to help them learn how to build the trust of children whom they are concerned may be experiencing or be at risk of abuse.

The fictional young characters users will encounter have been created using advanced 3D modelling that depicts body language and facial expressions. All are voiced by real actors. To successfully complete each scenario, participants will be guided through the principles of a good conversation with children about difficult topics and how to put them into practice.

‘Talk to Me’ is designed to give adults the experience and belief that they can help to tackle abuse through the power of conversation,” said Attensi UK MD, Krister Kristiansen. “By collaborating with the NSPCC, we’ve secured the best safeguarding expertise available to bring this one-of-a-kind simulation to life.”

The ‘Talk to Me’ project was selected for co-funding by Innovate UK, the UK’s innovation agency, from over 8,500 applicants as part of its national COVID-19 response initiative. Following the announcement of the award, Attensi and the NSPCC collaborated on the design to ensure the interactions within the simulation would be relevant to the UK safeguarding context.

“For anyone who comes into contact with young people who they fear may have suffered abuse or be at risk, learning how to build their trust is absolutely vital,” said NSPCC CEO, Peter Wanless. “As part of our wider activity aimed at supporting those who work or volunteer with children, we’re delighted to offer our safeguarding research and experience to collaborate with Attensi on ‘Talk to Me’.”

The NSPCC’s ‘Let Children Know You’re Listening’ research revealed that adults often do not recognise, understand, or react appropriately when a young person shares their experiences of abuse. This can mean that the child does not get the support they need, and many will delay telling someone about their situation. When they do choose to confide in an adult, they are not always comfortable expressing themselves verbally.

‘Talk to Me’ addresses this skill gap by creating a safe environment where adults can ‘learn through failure’ with none of the real-world consequences. Each module has been designed to be repeated until the learner feels they have mastered their new skills. Real-time feedback is presented when users choose responses that do not earn the fictional child character’s trust. This offers advice on how to progress next time, encourages users to reflect on their missteps, and ensures that their learning sticks.

‘Talk to Me’ is free-to-use for the next 12 months on any home computer through a modern web browser. ‘Talk to Me’ has two playable scenarios at launch and learners can revisit the simulation as many times as they like.

Try ‘Talk to Me’ today through this link.
Watch the full trailer for ‘Talk to Me’ here.

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