LONDON — Feb. 26, 2021 — Open LMS, a subsidiary of Learning Technologies Group plc (LTG), has today announced plans to further its commitment to open source by releasing all of its Moodle™ modules and enhancements in order to go fully open source by the end of 2021. Open LMS will also be dedicating more resources than ever towards developing the LMS features and code that its customers and the larger eLearning market needs.

As part of this project, Open LMS is also announcing its decision to open source its Learnbook platform, which will be rebranded as Open LMS Work. Over the months to come, Open LMS will release a variety of different software components in its open-source project roadmap, contributing all of this code back to the open-source community for all educators to take advantage of.

Open LMS has been making strong moves over the past year since becoming a new company under the LTG umbrella in March 2020, notably with the acquisitions of leading Moodle™ providers, Australia-based eCreators in October of 2020 and US-based eThink Education in December of 2020. This decision marks a new strategic direction for the new Open LMS, which furthers its mission to put customer care and continuity first.

“Our primary focus as we build this new company has been on providing outstanding service to our clients, which includes the level of control and flexibility that they enjoy by using open-source tools and platforms,” said Phill Miller, Managing Director at Open LMS. “We’re thrilled to define a strategic vision that aligns closely with our team’s beliefs, and one that allows Open LMS clients as well as the greater eLearning community to take advantage of powerful open-source tools and functionality to support the continued success of learning programs for users across the globe.”

“Open LMS looks forward to leveraging an engaged community alongside our own team of developers to improve the features and components that we will release,” said Dean Saunders, VP of Product Development at Open LMS. “We also hope to empower both Open LMS clients and the greater eLearning community to take advantage of innovative tools that can improve the learning experience for Moodle™ and Moodle™- based software users around the world, as well as ensure they feel confident in their long-term ability to support the longevity of the programs using this software for years to come. We have some exciting items on our roadmap for our Corporate and Higher Education products that we can’t wait to share with the rest of the community.”

To learn more and view details around the open-source project roadmap, visit or join our Open LMS community here.

About Open LMS

Open LMS leverages open-source software to deliver an effective and engaging learning experience. We help organizations and institutions deliver great learning experiences without complexities. Previously a Blackboard product, Open LMS was acquired by Learning Technologies Group plc (LTG) in March 2020.

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