PORTLAND, Ore. — July 12, 2021 — As organizations transition to more hybrid work schedules, fostering company culture and community remotely will be critical to engage and retain their employees. To help, tech startup OfficeAccord has released their newly enhanced employee experience platform to support these future-focused organizations.

“OfficeAccord has been critical to our thousands of employees in making connections and building engagement,” says Esther Vegh, Harvard University’s Director of HR Communications.

OfficeAccord’s built-in automations and integrations make it simple to remotely onboard new hires, connect them to your community, and engage them throughout their employee lifecycle. Tools such as onboarding checklists, a Café Roulette, a social directory, and employee marketplace help HR teams provide a more personalized employee experience that Human Capital Management systems do not offer.

“It checks all the boxes for an employee experience software. Highly customizable UX and metrics pave the way to data-informed cultural enhancements,” says Crystal Garcia, Employee Experience at Audible.

Organizations moving to a more flexible work schedule now have a solution to ensure their remote company culture and community will be a competitive advantage in the future of work.