SAN FRANCISCO — Sept. 2, 2021 — NovoEd, the leading social and collaborative learning platform for deep capability building, today announced the release of a major component of its comprehensive suite of learning software: Video Practice, an engaging learning activity to promote practice, peer learning, and feedback via customizable video-based scenarios.

The NovoEd Video Practice feature empowers administrators and learning experience designers to create interactive scenarios with video- and/or text-based prompts that learners must respond to in the moment by recording their response with their webcam or phone. After their session, learners can continue their immersive experience by exploring others’ work, viewing exemplary prior submissions, giving and responding to text and video feedback, and re-practicing to successfully build capabilities such as effective and efficient employee onboarding, leadership development, sales enablement, and customer service skillbuilding.

Capabilities are future-oriented abilities that make individuals, teams, and entire organizations robust and resilient. They are acquired through capability building or intensive learning that goes beyond knowledge acquisition to include awareness, social context, and courageous action. Above all, these capabilities prepare learners to confront a volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous world with confidence and purpose.

“Our team has built native support for the NovoEd Video Practice to offer our clients the most integrated offering within learning experiences, as well as beyond them. This new feature adds a substantial component to NovoEd’s deep capability-building suite of tools,” said NovoEd Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer Farnaz Ronaghi. “Video Practice promotes ongoing sharpening of skills to establish confidence and efficacy. It provides a strong place of proof for learning outcomes, which is often a missing component of corporate learning experiences.”

This release for the NovoEd Video Practice feature will grant administrators and learning experience designers the opportunity to explore the new technology and begin implementing it into their learning experiences.

“Our strategic partnership with NovoEd continues to pay dividends for Wilson Learning and our clients,” said Ed Emde, president of Wilson Learning, a global learning partner. “NovoEd’s ongoing commitment to the innovation and evolution of its state-of-the-art learning and collaboration platform has reached yet another significant milestone with the launch of its Video Practice. This integrated capability is a game changer from our perspective in terms of enhancing the interactive and immersive quality of the learning experience and ensuring that learning transfers to behavior change and improved performance. Once again, our collaboration with NovoEd yields tangible results and aligns with our commitment to improving the effectiveness of our clients’ salespeople, sales managers, and business leaders.”

About NovoEd

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