SAN FRANSISCO — Dec. 8, 2020 — NovoEd, which provides the industry’s leading collaborative online learning platform for the enterprise, has introduced a new integration with Degreed, the leading learning experience and upskilling platform. The integration will enable shared customers to provide learners with a seamless learning experience within both NovoEd’s and Degreed’s industry-leading platforms.

“NovoEd’s flexible corporate training platform integrates seamlessly with a variety of learning technologies,” said Todd Moran, Chief Learning Strategist at NovoEd. “Our integration with Degreed is unique because of the seamless experience it will provide to all users, whether they’re learners or administrators. We’re excited to announce this integration, and looking forward to how it will be used to fuel true organizational transformation and drive improved business outcomes for enterprises worldwide.”

Key benefits that NovoEd’s integration with Degreed will provide include:

  • Combining the deep, collaborative learning capabilities of NovoEd’s platform with Degreed’s learning experience platform (LXP) to enable a wide variety of learning activities that can be tailored to an enterprise’s or learner’s specific needs
  • Expanding individual learning to group-based activities to add critical context and immersion to training
  • Amplifying crucial human and social elements that are necessary for deep learning through cohorts, expert facilitation, and coaching and mentoring capabilities
  • Ensuring opportunities for extensive practice, reflection, and formal and informal feedback –– both through content aggregation and personalized recommendations –– so that skills truly become capabilities that drive strong business outcomes

“We share several top customers with Degreed, so this integration helps these enterprises access deep, social and collaborative learning experiences on the NovoEd platform,” said Bob Indihar, NovoEd’s VP of Strategic Partnerships. “We are always focused on providing a superior customer experience, and our integration with Degreed serves as another proof point of how we’re going above and beyond to deliver on this promise.”

In addition to finding NovoEd learning experiences on Degreed’s LXP that are personalized to their needs, learners can also directly launch and enroll in NovoEd’s learning experiences through Degreed’s LXP, thanks to the integration. Administrators, on the other hand, are able to automatically push new learning experiences from NovoEd’s platform to Degreed’s LXP, as well as ensure course changes sync between systems. The integration also does not require any additional LMS work on administrators’ ends to manage enrollments or completions.

“NovoEd and Degreed are trusted partners that power CEMEX University’s digital learning infrastructure, enabling our mission to develop critical capabilities within our Organization,” said Luis Gonzalez, CEMEX University’s Global Manager. “Because of the integration between NovoEd’s and Degreed’s platforms, we’re able to seamlessly provide our learners with deep social learning experiences from NovoEd and individualized learning pathways on Degreed, enabling true integration in the flow of work that drive improved business outcomes worldwide.”

You can get more information about NovoEd’s integration capabilities here.

About NovoEd

NovoEd’s collaborative learning platform empowers organizations to design and deliver experiential learning that accelerates business performance on a global scale. Since the company’s founding at Stanford’s social algorithm laboratory in 2012, global corporations, executive education providers, and training firms have relied on NovoEd to develop high-value capabilities through purposeful practice and application, coaching and mentorship, and group collaboration. NovoEd’s proven approach to learning connects diverse groups of learners, mentors, and leaders in a high-impact online environment, unlocking your organization’s collective knowledge and driving measurable outcomes. Learn more here.