PARSIPPANY, N.J. — Nov. 10, 2020 — Northpass, a global technology company providing the leading cloud-based learning platform, announced today the launch of Properties, an all-new feature that allows Northpass customers to leverage their existing data assets to personalize learning programs, at scale. With the debut of Properties, this marks the first step today’s business leaders can take in the delivery of hyper relevant training for workforces, customers and partners.

As personalization has taken the world by storm, people’s expectations have changed. According to an Accenture study, 74 percent of respondents said using personal data would be beneficial if it resulted in unique experiences, products and offers. Learning has been outpaced by this all-new benchmark, however.

With engagement remaining one of the most significant challenges for today’s learning initiatives, Northpass developed Properties to cultivate fully integrated learning experiences that are more fine tailored to individuals’ role-specific needs. By boosting the relevance of courseware, learners are better trained, thereby leading to a greater impact on business outcomes.

Properties allows for the augmentation of learning programs with business data connected from across the technology stack (e.g., CRM, HRIS, app/product data, etc.) to customize the learning experience with information relevant to a company and its users. Take, for example, data related to a learner’s region, experience level, historical performance, previous transactions and more. These supplemental elements can help narrow the focus of a generalized training program that speaks to the masses so that it speaks to an individual.

Most critically, scale is achievable via Northpass’ powerful APIs that allow for the automated flow of data and content development. Forget about clunky, manual updates that require a significant investment of time and funds to maintain. Instead, users create one course that dynamically renders personalized versions programmatically.

Properties is now available for Northpass’ Premium and Enterprise customers.

For the full details, please visit Northpass’ Properties webpage (

“I know I speak on behalf of the entire Northpass team when I say we’re excited to bring personalization to the learning space,” said Rob Krystyniak, vice president of product and engineering, Northpass. “The launch of Properties is just the first step that Northpass is taking to ensure that training evolves from a ‘nice to have,’ to a key enabler of growth for businesses today.”

Conditional Properties
Northpass recognizes that working with large-scale implementations can result in a complex, exponentially increasing volume of data. This is especially true if businesses are integrating information at the learner level. This is why Northpass developed Conditional Properties.

Conditional Properties applies logic to the way users organize and action information about their learners, making it possible to adapt complex datasets into unique experiences. Instead of defining attributes at the individual level to inform the learner’s experience, Conditional Properties streamlines the use of data by leveraging existing segments to group individuals together that have the same attributes. This type of segmentation reduces the time-to-value to get effective and engaging learning programs up and running.

Take, for example, a global delivery business that employs a 1099-based workforce across multiple cities, all of which have different commission rates. Rather than manually input a city’s commission rate on an individual level for Driver 1, Driver 2, etc., this user can leverage Conditional Properties to set the commission rate at the city level where workers will be conducting deliveries. Rather than input commission rates for thousands of drivers, now the rate only needs to be set for the number of markets where the business is operating within.

Conditional Properties is now available for Northpass’ Enterprise customers.

About Northpass
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