RALEIGH, N.C. — Aug. 5, 2021 — Power Cloud Reporting is the latest software launch from Capital Business Solutions, a training and consulting firm specializing in nonprofit accounting software. In addition to providing Financial Edge NXT consulting that includes training, configuration, and ongoing consultation services, they also build complementary software applications to expand the capabilities and end user benefits of Blackbaud’s software offerings.

Power Cloud Reporting was specifically built for Financial Edge NXT and current F9 users as it integrates the functionality and familiarity of Excel to create reports and formats not available in the existing Financial Edge NXT platform. It also eliminates added complexities and costs associated with F9 while expanding reporting capabilities and streamlining your operations.

Features include:

  • Drill Around to transaction detail, projects, accounts, budget scenario, entry batch, and/or supporting invoice;
  • Consolidate multiple Financial Edge databases;
  • Run time features to generate income statements and financial reports on different Excel sheets;
  • Budget vs. actual reporting for department managers;
  • Allow staff to run reports independently to free up accounting staff’s time and resources;
  • Security features allow customized access related to reports, layouts, and segments;
  • Statistical reporting and other advanced reports;
  • Rapid refresh allows you to refresh Power Cloud Reporting templates in minutes;

To learn more about Power Cloud’s Reporting, register for a free informational webinar by visiting their website designed by internet marketing agency, TheeDigital.