MIAMI — Nov. 17, 2021 — Airport security screenings and jet lag just went the way of the eight-track tape. Starting today, Mytaverse delivers a 3D platform for business that allows for realistic interactions with people, products, and environments. No headset or expensive PC is needed — if you can browse the web, you can meet in Mytaverse.

Remote work has gone from niche to mainstream. However, platforms like Zoom are woefully inadequate, while virtual platforms still fail to deliver high-quality graphics, and actual product interaction. Mytaverse changes the game. It is the business metaverse for reaching and experiencing a true-to-life world.

“Many have tried – but we are the first to build a technology platform that truly offers a lifeline to businesses facing travel restrictions and budget constraints while contending with the rise of remote working,” said Kenneth Landau, CEO, and co-founder of Mytaverse. “We aren’t just replacing the need to stare at a wall of video rectangles – we’re replacing the need to travel. Today is the culmination of years of development, and pilots so far have yielded rave reviews — we can’t wait for everyone else to experience Mytaverse.”

Mytaverse offers a variety of pre-built or fully customized 3D environments with as much or as little space as needed. Options include meeting rooms, conference booths, training simulations, a massive auditorium, or a fully interactive large-scale event and exhibition space filled with 3D models of products that people can pick up and examine.

Participants create personalized hologram avatars that can run, jump, wave, dance, and more. Webcams on avatars can be activated, thus allowing for live presentations or private, face-to-face conversations between small groups of people. Attendees can also download digital content and save it in a “briefcase” to view or download directly to their device.

“Creating Mytaverse posed a unique technical challenge because our goal was to allow anyone to enter the space without requiring a cumbersome VR Set or expensive PC,” explained Jaime Lopez, CTO & co-founder of Mytaverse. “The key was the unique cloud streaming technology which enables users to enter using only their browser on their PC or Mac — no need to install an app, no need for any fancy hardware. This breakthrough is democratizing remote work so anyone can join meetings, events, or training sessions just like being there — regardless of their computing power.”

About Mytaverse

Founded in 2020 by Kenneth Landau and Jaime Lopez, Mytaverse is a platform radically changing how we do business, enabling people to meet in an immersive, true-to-life 3D world. Built to meet the demand for hybrid and augmented reality meetings and workspaces, Mytaverse uses best-in-class technology to deliver fully immersive environments. The hardware-agnostic approach enables users from anywhere to enter through only a browser on a PC, Mac, or mobile device.