AARHUS, Denmark — March 2, 2021 —Today LMS365 announced its commitment to seamless integration with Microsoft Viva o provide a complete Learning Experience Platform (LXP). LMS365’s existing integration with Microsoft Teams already enables its customers to take full advantage of Viva. Used together, these tools will enable organizations to improve employee engagement and learning in today’s remote and hybrid work environments.

Microsoft Viva unites communications, knowledge, learning, resources and insights into an integrated experience that empowers individuals and teams to communicate, collaborate and learn. One of Viva’s four pillars is Viva Learning, which will focus on the importance of creating a learning culture that supports the need for an engaging, effective and accessible learning experience.

Already seamlessly integrated with Microsoft Teams, LMS365 fully supports this vision to work smarter and learn better within the flow of work. By combining LMS365 and Microsoft Viva, learners will have access to the complete learning experience platforms with all the functions they need, entirely built and operated in Microsoft 365 and Azure.

Since the shift to remote work, maintaining quality employee experience has been a great challenge for organizations across the board—whether this be in onboarding new members or training employees for best practices using new technology. One of the biggest challenges to offering these services remotely in a meaningful way has been finding a user-friendly platform that empowers users rather than confusing and frustrating them.

Through Microsoft Teams, organizations can leverage Viva and LMS365 to deliver seamless digital learning and employee experience platforms to remote workers, allowing them to continue learning and collaborating with ease. The platforms offer benefits to the following stakeholders:

  • Learners— Employees will use the tools and resources brought by Viva and LMS365, stored on Sharepoint with easy accessibility from Microsoft Teams for seamless learning and collaboration.
  • Human resources leaders – Human resources teams will leverage Viva and LMS365 to roll out the training, tools and resources needed to train and onboard employees, all within Microsoft Teams.
  • IT teams – IT teams will benefit from consolidating operations into Microsoft infrastructure, simplifying the troubleshooting and issues that come with disparate infrastructures.

Christopher Rousset, managing director of Americas & vice president of global alliances, LMS365, said: “Employees often report that remote work makes them feel disconnected from their organizations and coworkers. Using a learning and communication platform helps organizations and their employees remain resilient and flexible. The combined features of LMS365 and Microsoft Viva embed a learning culture into daily work life and enhance the onboarding process. We look forward to teaming up with Microsoft Viva as features roll out this year.”

About LMS365:

LMS365 has 800+ enterprise and public customers with over 4 million users. 50+ trusted partners have implemented the solution in more than 40 countries, with customers in all sectors, and deployments ranging from a few hundred employees to 50,000+ employees. LMS365, a Microsoft Preferred Solution, is one of the fastest-growing cloud-based Learning Management Solutions in the market today. LMS365 provides a modern, integrated, and familiar learning experience as learning is now made possible within Microsoft Teams, Mobile and SharePoint Online. LMS365 is fast to install, highly configurable, easy to use and fully integrated with the rest of your digital workplace, including Microsoft 365, SharePoint & Teams. Website: LMS365.com