RESTON, Va. — April 14, 2020 — Meridian Knowledge Solutions today announced that they have partnered with their client, Kodak Alaris, to develop and implement a state-of-the-art Microsoft Azure integration from their corporate Microsoft Active Directory (AD) Domain.

“We are now able to manage users of the Meridian LMS entirely within the Corporate AAD Domain,” said Chad Carlton, Software Engineer at Kodak Alaris. “This effort has streamlined our business and IT operations and greatly reduced our security risks.”

Updates made in the AD are sent automatically to the Meridian LMS, which in turn assigns required training according to the organizational groups that a user is associated with in the system. With the addition of Azure B2B connectivity, Kodak Alaris is also able to leverage the integration to easily manage and automate training made available through the new Kodak Alaris Partner Relations Management System, where the LMS is a key factor in delivering training to their external global partner network.

“We are continually challenging ourselves and partnering with our clients to jointly envision new ways to meet their challenges and make a true impact on their business,” said Paul Terry, Chief Strategy & Operations Officer at Meridian. “By easing the administration process, the Kodak Alaris team can focus on meeting key corporate goals such as increasing reseller effectiveness and driving new revenue.”

About Kodak Alaris

Kodak Alaris is a privately held global technology company that’s delivering the future—now. Born from Kodak, one of the world’s most trusted imaging brands, we’re pushing the boundaries with a new vision for a new era.

Kodak Alaris is on a noble mission to help people and businesses reap the rewards of digital transformation through its leading-edge products and services. We ask, “why not,” break down barriers to our customers’ success, and invent (if it doesn’t already exist) to drive innovation. Our legacy is rich in “firsts” from Kodak. Our future is unbounded as it’s powered by our employees’ creativity. Expect a lot from Kodak Alaris and know that we expect a lot of ourselves and the performance of the company.