SAN FRANCISCO — April. 27, 2021 — JotForm, a leading online form software provider, announced Approvals, a no-code tool designed to empower teams to automate approval processes and streamline workflows with ease.

Approvals comes at a time when most of the world’s workforce needs simple, affordable tools that save time and allow them to work from anywhere. With the Approvals drag-and-drop interface, teams can easily add approvers, emails, conditional branches and other elements to an approval process.

“The COVID-19 pandemic changed the way we work, and JotForm’s goal is to release products and features that help our users adapt to this new work life,” said Aytekin Tank, founder and CEO of JotForm. “Approvals is another piece of JotForm’s puzzle, and the next step to providing organizations with a powerful solution to increase productivity and support great work.”

Small to medium-sized businesses, entrepreneurs, schools and nonprofits use Approvals for time-off requests, vendor management, orders, job applications, training, scholarship and grant applications, and more.

Key JotForm Approvals benefits include

  • A drag-and-drop approval builder
  • 100+ readymade templates for more than a dozen industries
  • The ability to approve or deny form submissions, and create your own custom outcomes
  • Advanced conditional logic, conditional branching, and parallel approvals
  • Personalized emails to match approval flows
  • Mobile approval capabilities through JotForm Mobile Forms
  • The ability to keep track of approvals through the built-in spreadsheet-database tool, JotForm Tables
  • Custom approval settings

Approvals is built into the back end of JotForm’s Form Builder and is free to use on any JotForm plan. It’s a new addition to JotForm’s rich product suite, which includes Tables to track and manage data, PDF Editor to generate documents, Mobile Forms to collect data on the go and Report Builder to instantly turn form responses into reports.

About JotForm

JotForm is an online form builder that’s on a mission to make organizations more productive and people’s lives easier. This all-in-one data-collection solution is perfect for gathering, organizing and analyzing important business information. With over 10 million users worldwide and 50 percent year-over-year revenue growth, JotForm is a trusted global brand that’s growing every day.