Atlanta, GA – February 24, 2017 – Jigsaw, a leading provider of virtual training and education technology, recently became the first e-learning software to receive a patent for its game-changing, multi-dimensional learning solution. The patent, granted December 20, 2016, was especially noteworthy, as software patents of any kind are difficult to acquire and only infrequently approved by the U.S. Patent Office. Jigsaw’s proprietary technology proved itself unique not only among virtual learning tools, but among all software products.

“Our platform is groundbreaking within the virtual learning market because of its malleability – it’s a thoroughly customizable tool that can be adapted to a broad spectrum of learning styles, speeds, and formats,” said Jigsaw co-founder and CEO Josette Fleszar. “It provides a series of fully integrated tools that allow participants and instructors to interact with each the content and other seamlessly, while providing engagement and performance metrics that let facilitators accurately measure the success of their training protocols.”

The Jigsaw platform facilitates active learning through collaboration, media sharing, and constant engagement analysis. The immersive, multi-functional learning platform delivers a suite of dynamic elements, including: 

  •     Flexible participation options, allowing participants to review different materials during the course or training session.
  •     The ability to adapt to multiple learning styles by offering activity based learning where each learner has their own control over the how they review the content and complete the activity.
  •     The ability to utilize multiple media types simultaneously to present information so each learner can actively review the material that fits their learning style
  •     Video lecture capture capability.
  •     Role play record options with instant playback.
  •     Full participant performance and engagement analysis and reporting.

Jigsaw’s patented technology was created and refined during four years of continual research, testing, and adapting in order to meet the training and educational challenges of a diverse population. The unwavering quality assurance and attention to clients’ needs led to Jigsaw being named CIOReview’s Top 50 Education Tech Service Providers for 3 years in a row, as well as recognition by Silicon Review Magazine as being one of 2016 50 Most Admired Companies.

“We take tremendous pride in our product and our ability to help clients achieve their educational and training objectives,” says Fleszar. “We’re thrilled that our platform has been recognized as the revolutionary, immersive learning system we worked so hard to achieve, and we’ll continue working every day to maintain our standard of excellence.”

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