Burtonsville, MD – December 22, 2019 – In an era when talent development is essential in driving sustainable business results, there is an increasing need to make effective training easy and to develop interactive eLearning solutions. That is why INFINITI HR has partnered with Tortal; so you can get access to an affordable learning management system (LMS) through a proprietary training platform.

Through the new partnership, INFINITI HR future and existing clients can offer pre-made training courses and resources to employees.

Round out an already existing training program or jump-start a new training program. Get access to Tortal training experts to develop learning strategies that help you maximize the performance of your people, reduce long-term costs, and drive business results.

“This partnership is a seamless fit for INFINITI HR as both organizations are recognized as leaders to the franchise Industry,” INFINITI HR CEO Scott Smrkovski said. “We want to give our clients access to develop interactive eLearning and and specialized training solutions. Our national reach will allow Tortal to increase more companie’s training results while improving employee comprehension, employee retention, and producing measurable results.”

Benefits of the partnership includes:

The ability to purchase and assign compliance and management courses for employees as well as navigate the system for reporting and tracking purposes once registered in the system by a designated INFINITI HR LMS system administrator.

Clients with internally managed powerpoint orientations or training materials will be able to have them uploaded and managed in the LMS for existing and new employee completion.

Enjoy easy internal and compliance auditing through the availability of reports on trainings launched and/or completed for your company.

Print certificates of completion for employee use.

Receive personal technical support from a designated INFINITI HR team member, or training needs guidance from Tortal consultants and your assigned HR consultant.

Easy billing provided through your payroll invoicing for paid courses.

If you would like to explore the Tortal LMS and see how it can help your company maximize your training budget while driving innovation, increasing employee knowledge, and improving effectiveness (at no cost until you use it), email lms@infinitihr.com. You will be contacted by a member of the INFINITI HRIS team. Click here for the latest press releases and up-to-date news on human resources outsourcing.


INFINITI HR is the professional employer organization designed to protect franchisors and franchisees from vicarious employer liability specific to human capital management. Our PEO platform provides full regulatory compliance management, an on-demand HR director, real-time payroll /tax filing and access into our True-Group Workers’ Compensation master policy.

About Tortal Training

Tortal Training is a full service eLearning provider that specializes in developing interactive eLearning solutions. Tortal Training makes effective training easier by specializing in engagement. As the only training partner that uses strategic engagement methodologies for organizations with distributed workforces, Tortal Training maximizes training effectiveness in an era when talent development is essential in driving sustainable business results.