LONDON — June 15, 2020 — Immerse,  leading provider of virtual reality (VR) software for business, has announced that its Virtual Enterprise Platform (VEP) now integrates with the Oculus Quest and other standalone devices, enabling companies to easily track and capture employee training data.

Justin Parry, Founder and COO of Immerse, said: “The combination of our enterprise technology and cost effective, portable headsets such as the Quest will allow more businesses to provide VR training to their employees.”

Immerse’s open VR platform helps companies create, scale and deploy VR training to maximise employee performance. The Oculus Quest is an all-in-one VR system, allowing users to engage with a virtual world using just a headset and controllers.

Immerse’s new integration allows businesses to easily track all Quest users and content.  An employee opens the Immerse VR application on the device, enters a PIN, and then launches the training program. As training is completed, detailed data is generated, and can be saved to a central store and sent to a company’s Learning Management System. VR training sessions can also be broadcast via a browser to other users.

Parry explains: “Integration with Immerse allows Oculus Quest experiences – and all of the user data that is generated from a session – to be plugged directly into existing enterprise systems. It provides secure access for users, and standardised methods for extracting data from all Quest applications.

“Untethered headsets are changing the VR landscape. This is an important moment for enterprise VR, and we’re delighted to be introducing this exciting integration to the market.”

About Immerse 

Immerse is a UK technology company headquartered in London. Their proprietary Virtual Enterprise Platform (VEP) enables enterprises to create, scale and measure virtual reality (VR) training content and programmes.

Using the Immerse VEP enables companies to train and assess their employees in radically new ways, maximising human performance by creating a more engaged, better equipped and safer workforce. Current clients include Shell, DHL, QinetiQ and GE Healthcare.

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