SALT LAKE CITY — Sept. 21, 2022 — Instructure, the maker of Elevate Data Sync, has entered into an agreement with their partner, Google, that bridges the integration gap for Google Classroom users with a robust and comprehensive solution. With the integration, educational institutions can now keep course data and rosters synchronized between their student information systems (SIS or MIS) and Google Classroom. This means that educators no longer must set up their courses manually or have students use a join code. Teachers can now simply click “accept” when their course is automatically created.

Elevate Data Sync, Instructure’s standards-based interoperability solution that enables secure sharing of student, staff and learning data, will create classes with all the right students ahead of the first day of school and keep them updated if a student changes classes. This automated and adaptable integration can hopefully save teachers, students – and the professionals who support them – significant amounts of time.

“Through our partnership with Elevate Data Sync by Instructure, we have added the ability to sync the rosters from your student information system (SIS) to Classroom, so classes can be automatically created and updated, launching in 15 countries,” said Alisa Sommer, head of edtech partnerships at Google. “Education data integration is a complex problem, so we wanted an enterprise-class partner with deep expertise and a cloud-based platform that supports multiple standards and integration methods.”

“This partnership with Google Classroom is an ideal example of how Instructure’s Learning Platform empowers partners and institutions to innovate and integrate faster,” said Kevin Turco, vice president of product management at Instructure. “We’re proud to be able to work with Google to find a solution that makes the job of educators easier while maintaining the highest level of privacy and security for student data.”

Schools with Google Workspace for Education Plus that are interested in trying out the integration can sign up for the beta and can find onboarding help on Instructure’s Community page. Schools can request more information about Google Workspace for Education Plus if they don’t have a subscription already.

Once signed up for the beta, admins will be able to integrate class lists and timetables (rosters) directly with most major student information systems or can opt to connect using OneRoster or CSV files.

The solution is available and localized in Australia, Belgium, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Brazil, Canada, Finland, Ireland, Italy, Japan, New Zealand, Norway, Spain, Sweden, the United Kingdom and the United States.

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